Far away horizons are reaching out to you and you are planning to fly to them soon. In economy class, it is less expensive, but also less comfortable as we all know!

Although most airlines offer some comfort like Delta Airlines or Emirates does, with for example the screen on the back of the seat in front of you, you can greatly improve your travel experience with a few tips. This will be even more necessary on the new low cost transatlantic flights that have been developing for a few years.

The Best Long Flight Travel Accessories

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1. A neck cushion

Airplane seats are designed to accommodate the average passenger, but we are all different. And if you have to sit still in your seat for long hours, or even fall asleep, you risk some discomfort in your neck and shoulders. To avoid pain, there is nothing like taking your own little neck cushion. Of course, I advise you to test it in advance and choose the one that best suits your morphology.

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When flying, you can take it out of your bag and use it whenever you plan to stay still for a long time. It is not only a comfort object for sleeping, but also for watching a movie, reading a book, or just relaxing and listening to music.

2. A comforter

With your neck pillow, you can fall asleep in a more comfortable position. But airplanes are rarely a place of great comfort. The air-conditioning is often on full blast, which creates a cool atmosphere. Some people even find it cold, and we all know people who say they have gotten sick on a plane because it was too cold.

When we fall asleep, our body temperature drops. As a result, the cool atmosphere of the plane can be felt negatively and some people may wake up with a sore throat, especially since the air in the plane is dry. To guarantee a comfortably warm sleep, I think a comforter is a must. You can cover yourself with it and fall asleep comfortably. Also, if your neighbors or flight attendants see you under a comforter with your eyes closed, they are not likely to wake you up to ask a question.

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3. Pajamas

If a neck pillow and a comforter aren’t enough for you, consider pajamas for your night’s sleep in economy class. On an overnight flight, there’s no shame in wearing pajamas. Of course, I think it would be best to avoid showing up in Dragon Ball Z pajamas.

There are many, many models of pajamas that are quite classy, with shirt and wide pants, some of which could almost be mistaken for casual wear. Besides, your pajamas do not have to be pajamas, they can be very soft and comfortable clothes. The goal is to offer you the maximum comfort for your sleep, and you can test them in advance.

As for changing, it’s best to put on your pajamas in a discreet place at the airport, and take them off at your destination airport. Consider wearing underwear for added discretion.

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4. Slippers

On a long-haul flight, it’s perfectly normal to remove your shoes for comfort. However, if you have to get up in the middle of a flight, which you should in order to use the restroom, it will be rather difficult to squirm in your economy seat. The best solution is to bring slippers, which you put on as soon as you take off your shoes. They are much more comfortable, keep your feet warm and allow you to move around the plane without hindrance.

On this kind of flight, I also recommend the use of compression stockings, to compensate for the lack of movement in the sitting position.

5. Noise-canceling headphones

It’s no secret that planes are noisy. But while it’s possible to get used to the sound of jet engines, it’s not so easy to endure the unpredictable noises of your neighbors, especially bored young children. If you want to concentrate on your reading, or even take a nap, noise-canceling headphones are a must.

They can be simple earplugs, or real noise-canceling headphones like those offered by a number of brands, which you can choose according to your technical preferences and your budget. But it seems to me that headphones that are clearly visible have an interesting advantage in that they clearly signal to your neighbors that you do not wish to be disturbed.

6. Your own meal

The myth of bad food on board airplanes is a hard one. Many studies show that the food served is not necessarily bad, but that at altitude in an airplane, our sense of taste changes.

However, if you have a special diet or simply don’t trust the food served on board, there is nothing to stop you from taking your own food. At least you will be sure to eat what you like. Personally, when I arrive at JFK, I sometimes take my meals at Starbucks.

7. A computer or tablet

This tip doesn’t just apply to people who want to use the time of the flight to get on with their work. Sometimes the entertainment system on seat screens is not up to your expectations, or worse, it may not even be there on some planes. If you have a long flight and are worried about getting bored, don’t hesitate to pack a light laptop or tablet in your carry-on luggage.

Turn on the airplane mode and enjoy your own entertainment (downloaded movies, games…). Don’t forget to take headphones or earphones with you to avoid imposing your audiovisual tastes on your neighbors.

8. A battery charger

Finally, in connection with your computer and probably your smartphone, always remember to bring a battery charger on a long-haul flight. The availability of power outlets is not always guaranteed, let alone their perfect working order.

If you are afraid of running out of power, don’t hesitate to bring this very useful accessory to extend the duration of your entertainment or work.

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Here are my tips, and finally, if you are lucky, you can always try to get an upgrade in the First Class, sometimes it works!

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