You are tattooed, or even multi-tattooed, and you can’t stop thinking about the next designs you are going to ink on your skin? Maybe you are “addicted” to tattoos!

According to Dr. Mark Griffiths (professor of behavioral addiction in the United Kingdom), the notion of addiction is difficult to prove, as a tattooed person rarely suffers from “withdrawal” when not under the needle. However, a slight addiction can be observed, and this from the first tattoo. Here are some points that, if they concern you, can describe you as a tattoo addict!

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1. You always have several in mind

You just got a tattoo, and yet you’re already thinking about the next ones you’re going to get? This is a sign of addiction!

Because life is fleeting, memories are lost and you don’t want to forget them… Everything is a good excuse to get a tattoo. A significant date, an important quote, a personal drawing with a strong meaning: each tattoo has a precise meaning, even a very deep one, for its owner.

More seriously, without talking about addiction, it is not uncommon for a person who gets a tattoo to get more. Having several design ideas, several tattoo projects at the same time is very common among the tattoo community. So if you too are looking forward to your next skin-to-skin session with the dermograph: you’re addicted!

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2. You pay attention to other people’s tattoos

Some tattoos are easily noticed, others, more discreet, are well camouflaged. And yet, you see them right away!

Without being a voyeur or indiscreet, engaging another person in conversation about their tattoos is one of your talents. Even though the meaning of some tattoos is very personal, even private, for many people, you can’t help but ask questions to find out more. Tattooed people, while not a “gang” or “family”, recognize and respect each other.

You notice the fineness of the lines, the brightness of the colors, the details of the drawings, don’t hesitate to ask the name of the salon and to recommend yours… In short, you have an eye for detecting tattoos on others and love to discuss them! Moreover, you never stop getting inspiration for your future tattoos when you see those of others. More than a drawing on the skin, a tattoo is a work of art in your eyes. Each piece deserves your attention, each design becomes an excuse to work on your own ideas.

3. You don’t have a SAVING ACCOUNT, but a special tattoo piggy bank

If some people save for years to buy a car or to own a house, you save your money for tattoos! For your birthday or Christmas, you don’t hesitate to ask for money instead of gifts to be able to save on your tattoo piggy bank.

Because we know that getting a tattoo requires a certain budget, whether it is for a big tattoo or several small ones. Each tattoo artist has different prices, so it’s better to be prepared for any eventuality before starting a new project. If the average price of a simple tattoo of small size is around 50 to 80 €, the big designs or requiring a lot of details or colors can quickly go up to several hundreds of euros!

You prefer to invest your savings in beautiful indelible designs on your skin. And as you have more and more ideas for future tattoo projects, the piggy bank keeps filling up… only to be emptied later! Be careful not to neglect other important pleasures, and not to go into debt in this passion.

4. Your friends ask your advice before getting a tattoo

Yes, you’re an enthusiast. And like any enthusiast, you’re full of useful tips and tricks for tattooing novices.

Whether it’s an outside eye on a design, a recommendation about a tattoo artist or a tattoo parlor, an opinion on the price offered… You have an answer for everything! As a bonus, you can even give your friends advice on how to care for their newly tattooed skin.

Your many years of finding the best professionals to bring your ideas to life, learning about the different styles of tattoos (Old School, cartoon, realism, blackwork, Polynesian, etc.), following tattoo artists on social networks or even going to the many conventions dedicated to this art have made you an expert. Your entourage knows it well, and you are the first one they think of when they have questions or need advice.

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5. You have a sense of pride

Getting a tattoo triggers several emotions. Our brains release adrenaline, a hormone secreted into the bloodstream when there is danger or stress. Another hormone, endorphin, responsible for a feeling of well-being and pleasure, also comes into play.

When going under the dermograph, whether it is the first or the tenth time, the brain reacts in the same way, it is a natural process. So indeed, after a session that lasted several hours (or seemed to last a long time), it is normal to feel good, relaxed and tired. These feelings are amplified by the feeling of pride experienced after having had several needles under the skin to ink your memories.

It’s normal after that to want to continue getting tattoos, right?

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My 3rd tattoo in 1 month!

The phrase “You’ll see, once you’ve done one, you won’t be able to stop” resonates strongly with you. Even if you are not addicted in the strict sense of the word, tattooing is one of your passions, and you love to see your projects come to life on your skin with jets of colored ink. Your body is your work of art, you know it and you are proud of it. Your body becomes little by little the fresco of your life, drawing little by little your memories and what you love above all.

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