There are many reasons why you might want to remove a tattoo from your skin… Even if you’ve wondered many times if you should get your first one !

We regret the big tribal tattoo made during a very bad trip, the first name of our ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, the tattoo on the eyes that close the doors of certain jobs, the failure of a bad tattooist, or the tattoo that we did not take care of properly.

Often for lack of reflection, it is estimated that 20% of people who have taken the plunge, regret it less than a year later!

A piece of advice: think about it well because getting rid of a tattoo is a real pain… Laser treatment is very painful, long and above all it is very expensive!

How to remove a tattoo

How many sessions are needed to remove a tattoo ?

The laser technique consists in breaking the small balls of ink of the tattoos present under the skin so that the body can absorb them.

Count on about 10 sessions to erase a professional tattoo, depending on the size and the colors used. Unlike black ink, some colors like red or green are more difficult to erase and require more sessions.

For a good result, you will have to be patient because the process requires a break of 2 months between each laser session.

During the treatment, it is important to avoid swimming and exposure to the sun in order to avoid scars.

The price will depend on the center you go to, but it can vary from what I found between $150 and $300 euros per session in the US, you may found a cheaper price if you prepay a package or if you do it abroad.

The result will be progressive, so you will have to accept an “ugly” tattoo that will not look like anything until the end of the treatment…

Even if there are new generation lasers, be aware that the final result is not always very conclusive, as your skin care daily routine, take care of your skin after each session with an hydrating cream, ask recommandation to a dermatologist if needed.

Avoid tattoo removal creams sold on the Internet, they are either ineffective or corrosive.

As, unfortunately, there is no miracle solution to erase a tattoo, take the time to choose your tattoo and your tattoo artist guys !

Laser away tattoo removal

I found a video so you can see what this technique offers. It is necessary to plan several sessions, often expensive, depending on the type of tattoo to be removed.

When in doubt, know that there are “fake tattoos” that you can imitate for a few days to get used to the idea as with the example on my Instagram photo below. A good way to get a taste…


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