Las Vegas has always attracted thrill-seekers. It is a kind of mecca for all lovers of both land-based casinos. But how to get the most of the emotions and impressions from the rest of this mysterious and magical city? And if you are still not enough, do not forget to look at our other ideas for a vacation in Las Vegas.

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas, a must see hotel.

1. Soaring Over the Lakes of Las Vegas 

The motto of this type of entertainment in Las Vegas is: “If you can stand, you can fly!” And this is absolutely true: thanks to the stream of water that shoots out from under the feet and raises a person about 4.5 meters above the water surface of the lake. It is the perfect way to deal with the high temperatures in summer and will give you a lot of emotions.

  • Tip: Take some time to enjoy the beauty of the lakes. There are boutiques and restaurants on the shores to help you unwind after a busy day.

2. Travel to the Days of the Speakeasy 

Speakeasies are illegal bars or clubs that served spirits during the Prohibition era in the United States. One of these is a 28seat speakeasy called Laundry. To place an order, you must write a secret number and then receive instructions on where to meet and collect your drinks. There is one at the Cosmopolitan Hotel… but where?

  • Tip: If you did not find anything suitable on the menu, the bartender can even do something for you that is not on the menu.

3. Spend the Day Exploring Otherworldly Cliffs 

Most people who visit Las Vegas know about Red Rock Canyon, which allows for unforgettable halfhour hikes. But if you are ready to spend about an hour on the road, you will reach the Valley of Fire. This place will allow you to admire the magnificent rock formations.

  • Tip: Take lunch with you and spend the day in the park. There is a lot to see here and you definitely won’t want to miss the amazing sunset! (only if you do not come in the summer, because during this period the heat there is simply unbearable!).

4. A Celebration of Amazing Hawaiian Food 

There are a lot of Hawaiians living in Las Vegas. This means you can sample exciting Hawaiian cuisine here. One of the local favorites is Aloha Kitchen. So if you are looking for sushi and Ahi Poke, visit Sushi Island on the south side of the city.

  • Tip: Never tasted Hawaiian food before? Then start with dishes like Loko Moko, Musubi spam, and Ahi Poke. Your best bet would be to go to a restaurant with a group of friends and share this exotic food feast with them.

5. Meet the Lions Metro Goldwyn Mayer 

The great MGM is used as a place to display lions, but the Lion Habitat ranch has always been a permanent home for these magnificent felines. The company owns over 45 animals spread over seven acres of property. And of course, you can even feed the famous lions!

  • Tip: If you want to have more vivid memories, you can use the CoachfortheDay program.

6. Touch the Classic Traditions Of American cuisine 

Want to test the best Milkshakes of Vegas? Visit Black Tap for a lunch or just a big Milkshake. Also, in the American cuisine  Shake Shack has become an American legend, and therefore you should not pass by this wonderful restaurant!

  • Tip: Do not forget to thoroughly study the menuit is so varied that it just dazzles your eyes!

7. Attend an Annual Legendary Event Known as “Burning Man” 

Acting as sentry in a container park, this 17meterhigh steel sculpture spews flames from its antennae. At the bottom, there is a circledrum on which everyone can jump to wake the Praying Mantis at dusk or at night.

  • Tip: This is a huge contemporary art festival and often features live music, so be sure to check your schedule carefully before visiting this place so that you can devote most of your time to this surreal show.

8. Joy for Ocean Lovers

If you want a truly unforgettable experience at Shark Reef Aquarium, take a look behind the scenes and feed sharks, rays, and sea turtles through the Encounters with Animals program.

9. Play Vintage Slot Machines from the 1950s 

Pinball Hall of Fame owner Tim Arnold has created his own collection of nearly 1,000 slot machines. After retirement, he decided to organize “fun nights” during which he allowed the public to come to play, and donated all proceeds to charity. Eventually, he founded LVPCCthe Las Vegas Pinball Club, which funds the construction, and in the Pinball Hall of Fame, everyone works as volunteers.

play vintage slots machines in Vegas

10. Walkthrough an Impressive Collection of Cacti

When Forrest Mars retired, he created Ethel M. Chocolate, a chocolate shop named after his mother. But he also had another hobbycacti! Outside the store, there is a fouracre botanical cactus garden that features over 300 species of desert plants. This is one of the largest collections of its kind in the world!

  • TipIf you plan on buying chocolate to bring homebe sure to familiarize yourself with the garden before buying (or consider bringing a cooler bagso that the sweets don’t melt.

11. Have Some Fun With the Locals on the First Friday of the Month

Las Vegas First Friday is a monthly downtown event filled with food trucks, creative crafts, art, and of course a host of locals. Tip: You may be having trouble parking here, so be sure to check the event organizer’s website to see where you can catch the free shuttle bus.

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