The city of Las Vegas offers a great deal of fun and excitement to both locals and visitors. If you want to take a break from the casinos, there are a multitude of restaurants serving sumptuous meals, clubs bubbling with excitement or bars to relax in with friends.

However, even if there is many things to do in Vegas, some places where you can relax and chill are hidden away. These spots are quiet, and you might even require a password before you can get in! Read on to find out more about some of these secret bars.

The Laundry Room

This speakeasy-style bar was once used as a laundry for the El Cortez Casino. Hence, the name — The Laundry Room. It is located close to the Commonwealth bar along Fremont Street. You get into the bar through a secret tunnel on the ground level. The Laundry Room accepts guests only by reservation. Another interesting thing about this bar is that you need to text your reservation to a number before you can get in.

The bar’s space can only accommodate 22 people at a time. There are strict rules in this bar — no PDAs, no phones and no rowdy behaviour. You can browse through the menu to get original cocktails like Corsage and Cigarette After Prom or any customized concoction.

The Velveteen Rabbit

This secret craft cocktail bar was founded by two sisters — Christina and Pamela Dylag. You’ll find it on S. Main Street in the heart of the Arts District. The Velveteen Rabbit is decorated with local artwork and vintage furniture. There’s also an outdoor patio used for live music at the weekends that’s been completely revamped to be pretty in pink.

However, it’s the bar’s signature cocktails that are the highlight. The cocktail menu changes seasonally. These hand-crafted “Elixirs” offer customers some spectacularly unusual concoctions, that change to reflect the ingredients available each season.

secret bars of Las Vegas

My Cocktails at The Velveteen Rabbit

There is also a rotating selection of 12 draft beers as well as up to 20 bottled beers that you can enjoy. The bar does not serve food — just ice cream. Bear in mind that you are not allowed to smoke in this bar.

Mike Morey’s Sip’n Tip.

This secret bar in the “Fremont East” Entertainment District was named after one of its patrons — Mike Morey. Located within the Downtown Cocktail Room, this intimate bar offers beers and whiskey shots on its separate counter. The bar’s interior gives you a cosy feel of comfort. This spot is the perfect hideout if you want to have some fun and crawl back to your home unnoticed. You can also order classic cocktails with locally-made ingredients. The bar is mainly frequented by locals but tourists and other visitors are welcome.

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The Barbershop Cuts & Cocktails

This is another secret bar located near the Las Vegas Boulevard entry to the Cosmopolitan. The owners — Andy Masi, Jason Craig and Ryan Labbe — launched this partnership business in 2019. One thing that makes this bar stand out is that you can have your hair cut while you get a drink. Jose Sosa and his grooming team will give you any style of cut you want — straight razor shave, classic cut or beard trim.

The Barbershop Cut & Cocktails take on a new persona in the evening. At this time, when you step through the janitor’s closet from the Barbershop you enter a hideaway lounge. This delightful enclosed space is decorated in a style that harks back to the prohibition era. It’s here you can sample the bar’s live entertainment and its collection of barrel-aged whiskies from all over the world. In addition, the bar will treat you to the best craft beers, mescal, tequila, wines and spirits.

1923 Prohibition Bar

The last secret bar on our list also brings to life the speakeasy prohibition-era theme of cigar and cocktail bars. The 1923 Bourbon Bar is located on the ground floor of Mandalay Bay, adjacent to The Shoppe’s escalators. At night, the bar provides an atmosphere for classic burlesque and a live jazz band. There is also a VIP section where guests can enjoy a hand-rolled cigar from a 1923 classy humidor. In addition, there are also barrel-aged speciality whiskies and classic cocktails that you can enjoy.

The interior of the bar features original brickwork. The decor includes barrels of bourbon, Tommy guns, chandeliers and more evoking the 1920s era. The 1923 Prohibition Bar can also double as an event centre for any social gathering. After having a couple of drinks at this bar, you can extend your fun by heading to the casino section of Mandalay Bay. At the casino, you can spin the reels on some slots or bet on some popular table games like blackjack and roulette.


The city of Las Vegas is where you can throw all your cares away and enjoy the moment. Some of the many fun places you can visit in this city are the casinos, restaurants, clubs and bars. However, if you want to sample some classic cocktails, modern mixology, craft beers and superb selections of spirits, then there are some hidden gems that you should seek out. Each of the five secret bars that we’ve mentioned offers a unique atmosphere for a truly memorable evening. Just don’t forget that some do require a reservation!

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