Have you planned to make the drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? Do not miss a few stops that will the trip more enjoyable.

For the near four hour drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, here are my recommended best stops to enjoy the trip:

Seven Magic Mountains

Twenty minutes after departing Las Vegas from the south end, you will be able to cross a series of small colored stones called the Seven Magic Mountains.

This work was created by the Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone. If you like to take pictures, take a moment to stop there, it’s about 15 km south of Las Vegas, on the highway to Los Angeles.

Calling you… Bagdad Café

Still along the same road, you can make a stop at the mythical Baghdad Cafe that still exists and which contributed to the success of the 1980s film.

You can enjoy a drink and have lunch or just listen again to the famous “Calling You”, which seems to annoy the owners who listen to it all day long …

Join me at the Bagdad Café for a drink #california #usa

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Peggy Sues Diner

Travel back the 50’s for a lunch in an unlikely setting, everything is done to make you travel back in time and enjoy a good homemade omelet.

What to expect: A quintessential American menu, waitresses and waiters dressed as in the 50’s, and even a souvenir shop if you need to pick up a small gift.

Take a moment just to check out this place. Signs for the diner come up several times on the road to Los Angeles, you will not miss it. To get there, it is about a 2-hour drive from Las Vegas.

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Calico, the ghost town

A 10-minute drive from Peggy Sues, you can visit the ghost town of Calico which will make you travel to the time of the American wild west for only a few minutes or maybe even hours.

Restaurants, bars and parks are on the plan of this stop. For fans of photo taking, you will be happy to take great pictures in a setting worthy of American western movies!

The 4 activities presented above are enough to make the drive to Los Angeles and enjoy very nice stops! Do not leave it for the last minute, rentals can be very expensive in Los Angeles, from Hollywood to Manhattan Beach.

When is Los Angeles, take a take to read my advices about things to do in Los Angeles, enjoy !!!