Men’s Jewelry

Top favorite jewelry for men
Wearing men’s jewelry is a subject to be demystified. I’m going to show you what I like to wear as jewelry to spice up my outfit.

Whatever the jewelry, consider its shape, material, color, style, size, symbolism to be sure to make the right choice in store.
Jewelry for men: the classics
The ear chips
These earrings will have the advantage of being discreet.

Moreover, you will not be stuck in your sweater while putting it on. Over the weeks, you will gain confidence with diamonds.
Rings (or other) are recommended for men who are confident in their style. It is the ideal accessory for a Johnny Depp look. Avoid too many piercings for a more refined look.
The ring
You can put several rings on the same hand, but be careful to match the styles.

Choose rings that relate to the same universe, such as the gothic world with skulls, crosses and wolves.

Avoid the eagle ring with a ring with Jamaican colors. You will give the impression of being lost in your style.
The signet ring
A family heirloom that must be respected and whose tradition imposes rules.

For the youngest and the youngest of the siblings, it will be placed on the right little finger. For the eldest, it will be placed on the left ring finger (with the wedding ring).
The necklace
A pendant, a choker or a chain like a rapper in the early 2000s? A necklace can quickly become stereotypical, so opt for lightness.

Avoid being a “Christmas tree” if you want to wear several. For style, wear different lengths to create a controlled sloppy look like a military necklace with a chain.
The watch
The masculine accessory par excellence that men are generally happy with. Choose a watch with a rubber strap for sports and a leather strap for work.

Opt for a stainless steel watch for going out. Beautiful watches are even more beautiful when they are rare on a wrist.
The bracelet
Curb, cuff, leather lace, fancy bracelet or more expensive, there are plenty of choices to refine your style.

Like rings, you can layer bracelets on the same wrist as long as the style remains the same.

A brown leather lace with an emerald green bracelet and a silver Indian cuff is trendy for a hippie chic style. Avoid a watch and bracelet combination on the same wrist.
Jewelry for men: the originals
The gusset watch
For a retro style like Caledon in Titanic and its elegance of the 10’s, it’s ideal!

You can hang it in the pocket of a vest, worn under a suit jacket, and place the dial in the outer pocket of your jacket, to reveal the chain.

More classic, hang the clasp on a buckle of your pants and put the dial in a pocket to let the chain hang there.
Ankle bracelet
Ideal jewel to feel like a surfer on a Californian beach. Avoid the bracelet that can pull out the hair on our poor legs. Test it before on your wrist by making several movements.
This is the accessory for the well-groomed man. Few men today think of this jewel.

There is something for every style, from jewels with the effigy of your favorite comic characters to the most classic with cufflinks with ball, clips, nail, chain.

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