Before going to an appointment, you take a last look in the mirror. Your eyes are immediately drawn to a long dark hair protruding from your left nostril! Considering the time of day, you decide to opt for the quick solution. A stroke of the scissors and the intruder is gone.

But for how long? As you age, more and more of these unsightly guests are squatting in your nose and ear areas. The problem is that they grow back very quickly when you cut them off, and there are more and more of them. What if you took matters into your own hands? Here are some tips on how to get out of the jungle effect!

wax your nose and ears

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Who is affected by nose and ear hair removal?

Most men notice it one morning: their hair growth. This can happen as early as age 30. Long, thick hair begins to grow out of areas that previously appeared to be hair-free, such as the nostrils and ears. The hairs spread not only in the orifices, but also on the auricles of the ears or on the wings of the nose. In fact, these are areas that were previously covered with invisible down.

As we get older, the fuzz turns into thick, dark hair. The reason: testosterone. This male hormone increases after the age of 30 and decreases after the age of 50. Hair originates in the dermis. They are composed of a root, wrapped in a sheath, a hair follicle and end with the bulb. In other words, they are resistant and not determined to be forgotten easily!

Some people shave them with clippers, but this requires repeating the operation several times a week. Hair removal offers a lasting solution. Several systems exist: which one should you choose? I’ll guide you!

What material can be used?

Tweezers: the simplest solution, but beware of the pain!

It is a precise and efficient tool. With tweezers, all you have to do is grab the invader and pull with a short, sharp pull. The hair is removed at the root and will take some time to grow back. The concern is that this solution can be long and, I prefer to warn you, painful. Indeed, it is necessary to remove hair after hair.

Another disadvantage is that by removing the hair in its entirety, you remove the protective barrier that it represents. Indeed, hair is not there by chance. Whether on the nose or the ears, hair acts as a filter against external dirt. This is why I invite you to use tweezers in moderation!

Waxing: the fastest solution, but beware of incidents!

Cold or hot, women have been using it for a long time to remove their unsightly hair. Waxing allows you to remove several hairs at the root at the same time. It’s like having a dozen tweezers working on one area of your body at the same time! Waxing is effective for long-lasting hair removal. Hairs grow back less quickly than by shaving or cutting them. Waxing with hot wax is less painful than with tweezers.

There is one major drawback: pouring hot wax into the ear canal or nose is not very practical and can be dangerous. Indeed, by infiltrating the cavities, the wax can be difficult to remove and cause small lesions. You can find cold wax strips in pharmacies or supermarkets. Hot wax comes in the form of plates or beads. You can find heaters to heat it up without the risk of burning in specialized stores. I recommend that you seek the advice of a beauty professional.

Laser hair removal: a hairy technique!

This technique consists of removing the bulb or root of the hair using a laser light beam. A large quantity of hair is thus destroyed in a durable manner and without leaving any traces. The laser targets the melanin or pigmentation of the hair, which gives it its color. In other words, the darker and thicker the hair, the more effective the laser will be. I must warn you that laser hair removal is less effective on blond hair. Several sessions are required to permanently remove facial hair.

All areas of the body can be treated. You may feel some tingling of varying intensity during the sessions. But the result is worth it! Please note: laser hair removal is different from the pulsed light system; the laser is more powerful and effective. I recommend that you go through doctors who will make sure that a protocol is respected and will tell you what precautions to take to limit redness and undesirable effects. This way, you can be sure that the sessions will be safe.

Tweezers, hot or cold wax, laser, there is no shortage of choices for removing hair from the nose and ears as to was the back. Whatever method you choose, I recommend that you seek professional advice to avoid mistakes. Ready, set, go!

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