I absolutely wanted to talk with you about Atelier Cologne’s latest addition. New to the Cologne Absolue line, Gold Leather impresses with its powerful leather notes. A masterful scent that will give charisma to both men and women.

History of the brand

Atelier Cologne is based on a meeting between a man and a woman, a love story… but also a frustration. The frustration of not being able to fix the fragrances of an eau de Cologne as durably as those of a perfume extract. The Cologne Absolue line was born from this crazy desire, you are now able to choose a new men’s fragrance that will last !

The creators have developed a process that is applied to each Cologne of the Atelier. This process is composed of three principles. First, the cologne is built around a key ingredient, which will give both its olfactory power and its name to the perfume. As you have guessed, it is leather for the product I present here. To this central element is added an overdose of citrus.

This second element lightens and refreshes the composition by counterbalancing the power of the star element. Finally, around this composition come to graft themselves of raw materials of great quality. These materials are intended to direct the recipe towards an unexpected and surprising final result.

With its average concentration of 18% oil, each new creation fulfills the initial desire of its designers by achieving the durability and intensity of a perfume, while retaining the freshness of a cologne.

A packaging that expresses power and luxury

Because Atelier Cologne is a passionate and perfectionist House, they went so far as to match the packaging of the perfume to its name and composition. When you open the box, the first thing you see is the leather cap. Elegant and impeccably finished, it announces the color.

Then, when you take the bottle out of its cap, you are immediately impressed by its real gold lacquering. Without even having breathed in the perfume, you understand that you have in your hands a liquid treasure made with love.

Atelier Cologne Gold Leather review

The power of sensuality combined with charisma

Just as gold is the king of precious metals, Gold Leather Cologne is the most powerful of the Metal collection of which it is a part. I’m telling you straight out: it’s a greedy, enveloping and generous fragrance!

The top note is composed of a mixture of saffron, bitter orange and amber rum. From the beginning, we are projected in a feeling of dense and exotic journey.

The heart note, no less intense, exhales variations of plum and eucalyptus, as well as the syrupy and fruity smell of davana.

Finally, the trail leaves a stable and lasting blend of leather, oud, guaiac wood and cedar. Needless to say, this is a magnetic, hypnotic and charismatic Cologne, a fragrance that is the complete opposite of the freshness of Orange Sanguine.

The perfume was designed to be worn by both men and women. With it, the objective of its creators is to evoke the power of a love encounter, even of absolute love. So it would not be surprising that it gives you a charisma and sensuality tenfold when you wear it on a date.

Finally, I would like to mention the respectful approach that the creators of the brand have adopted towards nature. You won’t find any filters, synthetic stabilizers or dyes in their colognes.

Moreover, they make a point of using natural raw materials whenever possible. So with Gold Leather you have a powerful and charismatic cologne that respects both the spirit of nature and your skin.

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