It is not old-fashioned at all to have a skull as smooth as a billiard ball nowadays. Do you remember the kiss on Vin Diesel’s head? Class! In short, today, having a shaved head is a sought-after cut or, at the very least, a perfectly acceptable solution when you tend to lose your hair.

Yet you still don’t dare to take the plunge or you still wonder how to shave your head by yourself? Don’t panic, we’ll start from the beginning by explaining how to do it, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

shave your head by yourself

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Why shave your head all by yourself?

If you need a fresh start after hair dyeing, masking baldness or taking care of your thinning hair, a full head shave can be a great option. Especially since doing it alone is relatively simple, inexpensive and avoids having to go to the hairdresser! However, it also requires a certain amount of patience and precision.

Steps to shave your head

Here are my step-by-step tips for shaving your head alone and at home with ease!

The shampoo to cleanse

The use of a densifying shampoo helps to make the hair thicker and to stimulate the regeneration of the cells. Use it before shaving to ensure optimal regrowth.

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Cutting to prepare

The first step is a bit like clearing brush! With the 0.1 mm mower, remove most of the hair mass.

Personally, I start from the back, from the nape of the neck towards the forehead, passing and ironing several times. I then move in the opposite direction, from the forehead towards the nape of the neck: this allows me to capture the hair implanted in the other direction.


That’s it, you already look like a G.I.? Then it’s time to coat your skull with transparent gel to shave your head. Take out a small amount of gel and spread it as evenly as possible on your head, taking care to cover all the areas where you have hair.

After the welcome cool-down, carefully start shaving clean. Act carefully and gradually, shaving first from the bottom up: from the ears to the top of the head, then from the nape of the neck to the top of the skull.

Then gently go back and forth on the diagonal, looking for the less smooth areas with your fingers and eyes.

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I advise you not to leave your skull untreated after this operation. Razor blades irritate the skin and can dry it out (despite the use of densifying shampoo).

So do not hesitate to use a moisturizing foam (but avoid aftershave which often contains alcohol) or a balm with essential oils that will ensure the complete hydration of your (non-) scalp.

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What are the risks of shaving your head by yourself?

There are no major problems with shaving your own head. However, even with care, some inconveniences may occur. Fortunately, these can be quickly repaired.

Uniformity problems

The first problem that any inexperienced barber may face is the “failure” of cutting or shaving. Without very sophisticated equipment, one sometimes fails to achieve perfection.

If this is the case, bring your razor and sit in front of a mirror. Have good natural or artificial light in the room so you can see every detail. Rework your shave by ironing out imperfectly shaved areas. Run your head underwater as many times as necessary to remove the remaining hair and play sniper with the remaining hair.

Cuts and Treatments

Every man who shaves daily has experienced cuts. Skulls too can suffer from small cuts. To prevent bleeding and to heal the wound quickly, use for example the good old alum stone remedy. This is, I find, a must that every man should have in his bathroom: easy to use, inexpensive and durable, it is the barber’s natural and classic instrument.

Other formulas exist. If the cut is more important (a rare thing): place a bandage on it a few hours after disinfecting the wound. Then remove the dressing to allow for better healing. Avoid disinfection with mercurochrome (too visible!) and use a little alcohol from a pharmacy instead.

Irritation and pimples

This is perhaps the most difficult to avoid. If you operate gently, with the right foams, you should considerably limit their appearance. Nevertheless, if some pimples or redness appear, it is better to treat with a specific product. Aloe vera gels, for example, effectively soothe irritated skin. Also think of sunscreen to prevent sunburn!

With this article and the tips it contains, you can take action now. Don’t wait to put your head underwater and come out even more beautiful! You now have all the cards in hand to be your own barber. What are you waiting for?

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