Las Vegas, known as “Sin City” for its glittering lights, tempting casinos and electrifying nightlife, is a city known for its sense of spectacle.

However, there’s a hidden gem beyond the Strip, a place that pushes the boundaries of art, technology, gastronomy and entertainment that opened a few years ago and living in Las Vegas, I wonder how I waited so long to go and share my experience with you, but anyway, it’s done.

Welcome to Area15, a one-of-a-kind entertainment complex that will transport you to a world where artistic extravagance reigns supreme, for young and old alike!


About Area15

Nestled not far from the famous Las Vegas Strip, 13 minutes from Resort World and 12 from The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas by car, Area15 is much more than just a tourist attraction.

It’s an immersive experience designed to delight the senses and stimulate the imagination, and I was really impressed. When you walk through its doors, you enter a parallel universe where art takes unexpected forms and creativity knows no bounds.

Omega Mart: a unique artistic experience

Your first stop at Area15 is Omega Mart. Imagine wandering through a normal grocery store, but expect surprises around every corner. Aisles hide secret passageways, shelves conceal works of art, and a mysterious plot guides you through this strange grocery store. Take your time to explore, interact with the installations and decipher the riddles that surround you. It’s a plunge into the absurd, the marvelous and the unexplained: take a look at my area15 photos and the type of fake products on offer in the aisles, I had quite a few laughs and loved the concept!

Omega Mart Area15 Las Vegas

Admission is $54 for adults and $49 for children, and I spent about 1? hours exploring the place, taking photos and making videos. If you take one of the secret passages, you’ll literally leave the world of epicures behind and find yourself in a kind of spaceship, with tons of visual effects and light shows. Get tickets here !

Attractions and activities

Once you’ve marveled at Omega Mart, don’t miss out on Area15’s other attractions and activities. You can lose yourself in the interactive artworks, marvel at futuristic technological installations or simply relax with friends in the entertainment areas. Whatever your preference, there’s something for everyone.

What’s more, there are arcade games for all kinds of fun: pinball, games from the 80s like Pacman… you usually need a quarter to activate these machines and play a game.

LIFTOFF, a bar that flies in the air!

Yes, you’re not dreaming: after ordering a drink or cocktail, you can take a ticket to enjoy it from a height of several feet for about half an hour. I recommend doing this in the evening to admire the colors and lights, and get a direct view of the Strip! What’s more, the table rotates 360 degrees during your tasting, so you don’t miss a thing of the breathtaking view! Adults cost $15, children $13 (drinks not included). Get tickets here !

LIFTOFF area15 las vegas

Cuisine and Gastronomy

Artistic exploration whets the appetite, and Area15 has no shortage of it either. Discover a variety of restaurants and bars, each with its own unique atmosphere. From exquisite dishes to creative cocktails, your culinary experience at Area15 will be as unforgettable as the rest of your visit.

I tried the Japanese Kaia Handroll, which prepares rolls on demand – a delight! On another evening, I tried The Beast by Todd English. For fans of smoked or mature meats, you’re in for a treat!

Kaia Handroll Area15 Las Vegas

For cocktail lovers, there’s a lounge in the middle of the building with a cosy atmosphere, and another in the arcade.

Shopping and souvenirs

Want to take home a special souvenir from your trip to Las Vegas? Browse Area15’s boutiques and specialty stores for unique items, local artworks and treasures you won’t find anywhere else: mugs, magnets, stickers, posters, key rings… in short, souvenir gifts for fans of this type of object.

Practical information

Before you set out to explore Area15, be sure to check opening hours (every day between noon and midnight), prices and transportation options from the Strip or downtown Las Vegas. If you’re staying on the Strip and haven’t rented a car, you can easily get there by Uber or Lyft.

Area15 Photo

Bottom line

Area15 in Las Vegas is much more than just a tourist destination. It’s a breathtaking journey into the heart of art, creativity and extravagance. Whether you’re an art lover, a technology enthusiast, a gourmet or simply in search of a unique experience, Area15 is the place where your wildest dreams come to life. Don’t wait any longer, come and discover this hidden treasure of Las Vegas and let yourself be carried away by its incredible artistic universe. And remember, this place is open to children!

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