In this article you will find a list of places that you should visit in Europe, ranging from Santorini, Prague, Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome to Barcelona, Florence, Dubrovnik, and Salento.

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1 – Santorini, Greece

The island of Santorini is a very popular tourist destination, and for good reason. The views are amazing, and there are a ton of things to do here. For instance, you can swim in the hot springs or take a day trip to the volcanic island of Thira. Or, you can go biking through the hills of Oia or visit the archaeological museum in Fira.

Greece, a Place To Visit in Europe

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2 – Prague, Czechia

Located in the former Czech Republic (now called Czechia), Prague is a great city that is home to the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and other great landmarks.

Prague, a place to visit in Europe

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While in Prague, you will want to try some of the delicious Czech cuisine, which includes dumplings, goulash, and more. There are plenty of events that take place here as well. For example, check out the Prague Spring International Music Festival or the Dvorak International Music Festival.

3 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is located in the Netherlands and is home to some of the most iconic attractions in the world. These include the Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Royal Palace. It is also a great city to get lost in for a day or two, take leisurely bike rides or boat rides on the city’s many canals.

Amsterdam, a place to visit in Europe

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4 – Paris, France, my city !

Paris is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is full of splendid architecture, lovely public gardens, and world-famous restaurants. There is always a cultural event going on here, especially for lovers of the visual arts or classical music, as well as dance.

Places to visit in Europe

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While in Paris, make sure you give yourself enough time to visit the city’s many famous landmarks and museums – the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre, the Musée d’Orsay or the Centre Pompidou.

Additionally, you can take a day trip to Monet’s home in Giverny or the Castle of Versailles, both within an hour train ride from the city.

5 – Rome, Italy

Rome is a city packed with history and culture – not to mention the great cuisine. Despite what the old saying instructs us to do, when in Rome, you don’t necessarily need to do as the Romans do. You are perfectly entitled to be a tourist and do as you wish. Visit the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Visit the Trevi Fountain and re-enact your favourite scenes from La Dolce Vita.

Rome, a place to visit in Europe

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Rome is splendid by day and by night, so you’ll want to make sure you give yourself enough time to see it all and more than once.

6 – Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a popular tourist destination on the Iberian Peninsula. Known as a party town, the capital city of Catalogna is so much more than that. You can spend your time seeing places like La Sagrada Familia church, Casa Batllo, and Park Guell, and go to the beach for some sun and sand.

Barcelona a place to visit in Europe

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If you come to Barcelona in July, you can attend the Festa major de Gràcia which celebrates modern art and culture with plenty of concerts, street performances with costumed characters, and exhibitions for the whole family to enjoy.

7 – Budapest, Hungary

Tourists regularly flock to this gorgeous and storied city either to visit the Rudas, Gellert or Szechenyi baths and pamper themselves in the saunas and thermal waters or they come for the city’s vibrant nightlife. However, Budapest has so much more to offer – friendly locals, varied and breath-taking architecture, and rolling hills on the outskirts which make for great hiking trips for the sportive tourist.

Budapest a place to visit in Europe

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Situated on the Danube, the Hungarian capital is divided into two parts – Buda on one side of the river with must-see monuments such as Fisherman’s Bastion (pictured above) and Gellert Hill; and Pest on the other side of the river, home to the Jewish Quarter and its famous synagogue and many pubs and nightclubs.

8 – Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Pearl of the Adriatic, this once-medieval city-state is now a popular tourist destination with wine bars offering spectacular views and landmarks testifying to a glorious past.

Dubrovnik a place to visit in Europe

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Walk within the walled city, visit the tranquil garden of the Fransiscan Monastery then escape on a boat to a nearby island. You’ll have no trouble finding a beach to lie on, but if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can hire a kayak and gaze up at the city from the crystalline waters of the Adriatic Sea.

While in Dubrovnik you will also want to make sure to see the Church of St. Blaise, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as well as the famous Rector’s Palace.


Europe has something to offer for everyone – from historical landmarks, diverse cuisine and relaxing beaches to animated street festivals and animated nightlife. Whether for romance, culture or family fun, come to Europe, and don’t forget to bring your camera.

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