Did you know that there are more than 13,000 restaurants in the French capital? And just for that, Paris is definitely a must see city. Paris has always been the city that offers us a great choice of gourmet and trendy restaurants. Plan a trip to Paris and ready to use your Flying Blue Miles or any other good deal to flight to France?

For you, I went to discover a few places to make you this top of the best restaurants in Paris in my opinion. In order to make this personal selection, I took into account the following criteria:

  • The quality of the food
  • The service
  • The framework
  • The originality of the menu and drinks menu
  • The decor
  • Cost/quality

I must admit that the selection was very complicated, I did not want to publish an article with a list too long, just wanned to put forward a specific selection for you guys !

Gourmet restaurants and trendy restaurants in Paris, from famous chefs to lesser-known chefs, I hope this selection with photos will help you choose where to dine and have lunch in Paris. Let’s discover Where to Eat in Paris !

My selection of the best gastronomic restaurants in Paris

Hôtel Maison Bréguet
8 Rue Breguet, 75011 Paris - 01 58 30 32 31

Baltard au Louvre
9 rue Coquillière 75001 Paris - 09 83 32 01 29

Confit cod with olive oil and dried bonito, red wine mirror, pikles of radishes and grapesFondant chocolate-lemon

Photos : Aimery Chemin

Restaurant Hôtel des Grands Boulevards
17 Boulevard Poissonnière, 75002 Paris - 01 85 73 33 33

Beef tartare, hazelnuts, smoked ricotta and mesclun
Haddock brandade and sweet potato, croutons, orange and endive

Photos : Karel Balas

Le Roch Hôtel & Spa 28 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris - 01 70 83 00 00

Photos : Francis Amiand

My selection of the best trendy restaurants in Paris

Bulot Bulot 83 Rue des Martyrs, 75018 Paris - 01 42 64 19 09

Photos: Yann-Deret

Mersea 53-57 rue de Grenelle 75007 Paris -  Tél.: 0 14 321 55 29

Fish & Chips lace instead of yellow and delicate and crispy breadcrumbs Warm oysters, hollandaise sauce, lemon zest accompanied by a shot of gin Mersea

Photo of the room: Roberta Valerio
Pictures of the dishes: Nicolas Stajic

l'Ours blanc du Marais 8 rue Geoffroy l'Angevin 75004 Paris - 01 40 27 93 67

A simple, healthy, seasonal cuisine. With a card that changes over the season products.

A small neighborhood restaurant where everything is homemade!

Pictures: Bertrand Corbara