If you are reading these lines, you may be in that famous “Friend Zone”. Don’t worry, a lot of us have been there. Me too… and not just once!

What is the Friend Zone and how to recognize it? You like a friend, you’re seduced and would like to hit on her (him). But strangely, she (he) doesn’t seem to understand your advances. Do you recognize yourself in this description?

You are the faithful friend, the confidant and the shoulder that comforts you every day. You share good times, but you want more. You want to be seen as a potential partner, a man with whom that person could be in a relationship with you, or simply a true Sex Friend. Yet you seem to get stuck in the “friends” category. Do you know what I’m talking about?

I explain in this article what the friend zone is and especially how to leave it. Because yes, it is possible to get out of it! I give you all my advice to succeed in going from friend to lover.

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The Friend Zone: or one-way love!

The friend zone is defined from the moment when, in a friendship relationship, one of the two people falls in love. A non-reciprocal love that implies that the relationship is no longer balanced. One person has feelings or attraction for his or her friend while the other has only friendship. This is called the famous friend zone.

Being in the friend zone means being the person stuck in a one-way relationship. You are the best friend, dreaming of more. And this situation doesn’t seem to be able to change. Often unable to end the relationship, you continue to play the confidant. What a scourge!

In the position of the zoned friend, you are the person who suffers and waits. You want to rewrite history to become his friend. How do you hit on someone so that they don’t just see you as a good friend?

Many films, books and other media have dealt with the subject of the friend zone. And for good reason, it is more common than you might think. And the victims are numerous.

Why are you in the friend zone?

English speakers have gone so far as to invent a syndrome to explain why some people fall more easily than others in this famous friend zone. It is the “nice guy” syndrome.

Certain behaviors attract friendship while discouraging love. Generous, attentive, helpful and always present, you are the best friend you could ever ask for. Except that women and men are waiting to be seduced. And for that, they sometimes need some mystery, a physical attraction or a click.

The nice guy often strives to show his affection by being as available as possible and by showing more affection. This behavior is sometimes counterproductive.

The person being flirted with should notice you as a potential partner. You must therefore get an opportunity for them to see you differently. You can never repeat it enough, by doing the same things you can’t expect a different result. Is it possible to have feelings? How do you have the trigger?

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Solutions to get out of the friend zone

Good news: solutions exist to get out of this zone of friendship. Thanks to 3 main steps, you can learn how to flirt. I give you how to escape from the friend zone and successfully flirt with a woman.

First step

In order for the relationship to evolve, it must change. For this, a simple and effective solution is needed. It is necessary to create distance. The distance will put a break in your friendship relationship. The person you love will ask questions: why is he or she not as present as before? What has changed? And that’s exactly what you need.

It’s no longer a question of being constantly available or being his or her shrink. You exist independently of her. Another advantage is that she will certainly miss you. She’s going to be afraid of losing you and realize how valuable and important you can be to her.

Phase Two

Focus on yourself and what you have to offer. Nothing is less attractive than someone who doesn’t have confidence in himself. If you don’t know your worth, how can they recognize it?

For me, learning to flirt with someone also means to love yourself. What do you have to offer her? What are your qualities? With a new self-confidence, you will have all the arguments to seduce.

Last phase

Take action! If the situation doesn’t change naturally, then you will have to take action. The idea is to tell him how you feel and create a little electroshock. The truth is scary, but staying in secret is unhealthy. So be brave and take the plunge!

How to manage a refusal?

You confessed everything to him and you were rejected? Being denied affection is extremely painful. Unfortunately in love you have to know how to take risks. And sometimes rakes…

Stay positive, because, yes, a refusal is also a way out of the friend zone! You are free! The truth has come out, your friendship may have taken a hit, but you can finally move forward.

You now have the opportunity to meet other people. You can also take advantage of it to have fun and experience new things.

Why not even consider a 3-way plan to take your mind off things? Or try to form a free couple? Explore your sexuality and modern love. One day, that person will eventually regret having missed their chance. And you’ll be advanced on your side and you’ll know what you want or don’t want. Isn’t it worse in the end?

The hell of the friend zone is not a prison you can’t get out of, on the contrary… learn to love yourself and everything will be fine.

I hope my advice has given you the keys to escape. You are now out of this zone of loneliness and despair. Either by being in a couple with the friend you want so much or by freeing yourself from feelings that were leading you nowhere.

No matter how the story ends, the important thing is often more what you have learned from the experience. Happy or not, the friend zone is an opportunity to learn how to flirt and please. Self-confident and free, you have already improved your sex appeal. Now all you have to do is put it to the test!

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