Restaurants in Las Vegas

A major destination for all visitors to the United States, Las Vegas is well known for its entertainment venues of all kinds. But what is less well known is that today the city is also a mecca for all things restaurant-related. With a wide range of restaurants and hotels, the city of sin has managed to make a place for itself in the hearts of the most demanding. But where to go?

Restaurants not to be missed

Let’s start with the pleasure of eating well. Capital of kitsch, Vegas has evolved to offer its visitors unique and beautiful places. The restaurants no longer look like stereotypical soulless “gargotes”. To convince you of this, I’ve chosen a few addresses that you should check out.

The first establishment to discover is located in Caesars Palace: the Beijing Noodle n°9. I selected it first of all for its dreamy decor. As soon as you walk through the doors, you will be in a totally white and exotic universe. A ceiling and walls of aluminium lace, XXL aquariums, a subdued atmosphere, we left Vegas for another world. On the plate, you will appreciate the excellent Chinese food concocted by the chef Li Yu. You can enjoy, for example, the fried rice with chow. It has become a major address in the field of catering in Vegas.

A very private space awaits you at É by José Andrés, located in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The amazing decor with its red glass wall and single table oscillates between dramatic and warm effect. The place is the “cantine” of Barack Obama and many other personalities. But be careful, you will have to make reservations, because the establishment only receives 8 guests per evening. The cuisine is a clever mix of Mexican and American cuisine and you will enjoy the tapas for which the chef is famous.

Top-notch hotels

Spending the night in Vegas is an adventure because the hotels have focused on originality. To make the most of the city, why not treat yourself to a suite? Some hotels, like the Vdara, only offer suites. You will be able to wander around in your room, complete with a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a huge bathroom, and feel like a king.

Are you a fan of new technologies? The Aria will fascinate you. As soon as you walk through the door of your room, you will be dazzled. The room does everything by itself! It opens the curtains, turns on the TV and the lights… You can also transform the space as you wish with a simple click on the remote control. You can totally customize the atmosphere. And this information is saved for your next visit.

Enjoy Vegas without spending too much

You’ll also be able to find places to eat at low prices, even if the city of sin is expensive. To eat well without breaking your budget, you can dine at the Wickeed Spoon, nestled in the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. The place is terribly chic with a very design decoration. You will appreciate the small cassolettes which hide very good original recipes. You will also be able to succumb to the varied meats or the high quality Asian dishes. The dinner will cost you less than 40 dollars to treat yourself.

If you don’t want to spend hours comparing different restaurants in Vegas, remember that the choice is incredibly important, you can trust me and go to the Shake Shack at New York Casino. The food here is good and the prices are low. You will definitely love the burgers, well served and delicious.

For a good night’s sleep without blowing your budget, I also have an address: the Strat. It’s one of the iconic hotels on the Strip, but despite that the price is still quite reasonable (from 50 dollars). It’s comfortable, nicely decorated and spacious. You can also combine your stay with some thrills at the top of the hotel. The Skyjump will allow you to jump into the void to never forget your stay.

As you can see, the choice of dining and lodging in Las Vegas is truly varied. The restaurant world is constantly on the move with incredible innovations. Each one outdoes the other to become the best in its field and you can return to Vegas twice (or more) without ever getting tired of it.

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