A must do step in the life of a healthy teenager, masturbation holds a more or less important and assumed place in the life of adult men, sexually active or not. What are the advantages of this practice? Are there any risks to masturbating too much? Here is my complete guide to masturbation to know how to enjoy yourself alone.

Complete guide to male masturbation

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Whatever they say, masturbation is good for your health!

According to some more or less reliable sources, masturbation would cause impotence, insensitivity of the penis, even deafness or blindness. Rest assured, this is not the case. These risks were mainly invoked by parents and guardians of the youngest to encourage them to abstain. It was indeed a time when masturbation, more than being part of a range of practices forbidden by good morals, constituted a biblical crime: the crime of onanism.

In truth, and scientists and doctors all agree nowadays, masturbation is good for your health. Indeed, it limits the occurrence of prostate cancer, fights against stress and helps you fall asleep.

As a couple, and practiced together, it allows you to find new ways to give yourself pleasure. And, on your own, it allows you to get to know your body and your pleasure better.

In short you will have understood, masturbation brings only good things. So, why deprive yourself of it? Gentlemen, it’s time to take charge!

The basics of male masturbation: how to masturbate?

The technique has not evolved much since the first testimonies dating from antiquity. It consists in manually stimulating the penis. The variations are numerous and for some, quite original. You can even include accessories.

Choosing the right place to masturbate

It goes without saying that masturbation is a very intimate act. So I shouldn’t have to remind you to avoid public places, even if some of them can be very exciting (a fitting room, in the car, in the middle of nature…).

To respect this intimacy, I can’t advise you enough to choose a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed (unless it’s in your intentions, but here again, be careful about the legal aspect of the thing).

A good bed or an armchair, a comfortable sofa will do the trick. So will a shower.

Technical gestures: how to masturbate?

Make yourself comfortable, and take out your sex. Unless you are already excited, it should be at rest. The basic technique requires a few strokes with your fingertips, to test the sensitivity of his skin and exacerbate it. It should quickly begin to swell with blood, which will allow you (for the uncircumcised) to untwist it. This practice will expose the glans. This is the most sensitive part of the penis, and it becomes more so as the turgor continues. A few more light strokes and you should be hard enough to take the next step.

Doing yourself good solo: basic gestures

Here, several schools. Grab the shaft of your sex with a full hand, wrap a few fingers around it to simulate the entrance to a mouth or vagina, or for the luckiest of you, put both hands on top of each other.

You can then experiment with different pressures of your hands and fingers on the body of your penis, in slow back and forth movements. As you move downward, you are retracting the skin and stretching the nerves and tendons, which will make the glans harder and more sensitive. It will then be ready for your hands to return upwards. The pressure will be released as your hand moves forward.

At times you may release the pressure or squeeze your fingers a little at the base of the sex to make it swell even more, and therefore more sensitive. It is now possible to experiment with your sensations. This is the most important part of masturbation. Knowing yourself, especially in terms of what makes you feel good. You can for example tap the turgid glans on your hand, press it tenderly between your fingers to judge its hardness… Before going back to the back-and-forth movements, which are the basis of masturbation. For even more sensation and softness, don’t hesitate to add one or two drops of lubricant.

Close to orgasm: be ready for a delicious pleasure !

These technical movements, although rather instinctive, will with increasing excitement trigger hormone peaks in your brain that will gradually lead you to the edge of pleasure.

This is where you have a choice. Temper your pace to stay on the edge of pleasure longer (this is an interesting and oh so enjoyable game, as well as helping to remedy premature ejaculation) or continue your manual stimulation until you reach orgasm.

During this final phase, it is advisable to reduce the pace and pressure on your sex. The heightened sensitivity due to ejaculation can become uncomfortable and even painful for a few seconds if you insist.

Want more pleasure ? Use masturbation toys !

Once you’ve mastered classic masturbation, there’s nothing to stop you from using accessories, or even outright sex toys for men.

Masturbators, masturbation eggs made of textured latex, which work like a masturbation sheath, penis pumps which reproduce the sucking sensations felt during a blow job, or more or less faithful reproductions of private parts modelled directly on actresses from X-rated films… The market is constantly evolving and manufacturers are competing with technology to bring you more and more sensations.

The most classic, or the most nomadic will be able to turn to the Fleshlight, a kind of sexy flashlight with a latex vagina at one end, and the tube, a whole series of convolutions sometimes textured in a very realistic way.

Commonly called vagina, it is the ideal accessory for those who want to masturbate while traveling without cutting back on their comfort, see here an example! However, beware of the airport control. If you won’t trigger any security alarm with your toy, you’ll be greeted with half-smile, half-complimentary smiles.

Masturbation 2.0

And since we are talking about technology, many devices in virtual or augmented reality exist. They consist of glasses that broadcast videos of your choice, connected to a device that will retranscribe to your penis the appropriate movements. This is masturbation 2.0. The world of wanking still has a lot of good days ahead of it, and that’s good.

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