Have you ever heard of male polish? Whether on a single finger, the whole hand or the feet, the male manicure is winning over more and more enthusiasts: men are sporting colorful, perfectly styled nails. And they’re appropriating codes long reserved for women.

Why this trend? Is it a protest movement or a simple extravagance spreading on social networks? In this article, we tell you all about this new trend in men’s nail polish.

Nail polish for men

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What does nail polish mean for men?

Simple eccentricity? A desire to stand out from the crowd? Or pure aesthetic pleasure? On the web and in everyday life, more and more men are taking the plunge and painting their fingernails and toenails.

Long associated with the glam rock or gothic movements, men’s nail polish was a marginal practice, tinged with rebellion. Today, men’s manicure is less of a secret. On the networks, the movement emerged in 2016 thanks to the “manpolish” hashtag launched by American fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

Among public figures, a whole younger generation of mainstream singers has seized on the movement: Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes or Jhope from BTS regularly flaunt hands and feet with colored nails. So do popular actors such as Jared Leto and Johnny Depp. Nail polish is no longer just for women.

Why do men wear nail polish?

Some, purely for aesthetic reasons. Like rapper A$AP Rocky, who uses nail art to assert his style. Another fashion accessory to spice up his look right down to his fingertips. Others see it as a way of doing away with gender stereotypes. Sometimes the gesture is political: down with patriarchy! No more boxes and labels! The aim is to denounce society’s shortcomings, while asserting one’s personality. Be in tune with yourself and your values.

What colors of nail polish are suitable for men?

Men who wear nail polish are most attracted to the color black, particularly to reaffirm a grunge look. A color that highlights their non-conformist side, while reminding us of their virility. For this reason, dark, deep shades are also favored: midnight blue, violet, dark green for a dark style. Colors that go perfectly with the tone of their wardrobe (jeans, black, brown or khaki). As well as basic colors like white or gray. Others prefer a more discreet look, sporting nude nails, with transparent or very light varnishes.

Most men choose their nail polish color according to their mood: from transparent to vermillion red, apple green, coral or lilac, anything is possible!


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Are there any special nail polishes for men?

A number of brands dedicated to men’s beauty have launched their own nail polishes for men. These include products in deep, intense blues.

Mismatched or uniform nails, with or without nail art depicting smileys or motifs such as flags, skulls, etc.: manicure for men. Manicures for men are just as creative as those for women. The only difference is that men prefer very short haircuts, while women prefer XXL nails and prostheses.

When should a man wear nail polish?

The trend is not yet completely democratized. Many men who want to put polish on their nails are above all looking for fun: a way of doing something a little subversive while having fun. A new way of dressing up, for a stag party for example.

For others, a manicure is an integral part of their beauty routine: French manicure, semi-permanent nail polish. Having painted nails is as important to them as getting dressed. Regularly coloring their nails becomes a means of expression, a way of standing out in an increasingly standardized society.

Like make-up, nail polish for men can be worn for a festive occasion: dinner with friends, a date, a music festival or a birthday.


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What’s the best time to try men’s nail polish?

Make the most of summer! It’s the perfect opportunity to choose to apply nail polish only to your toenails, visible in your flip-flops or flip-flops. It’s also an option for some sports enthusiasts who want to embellish their toes.

Intrigued by this new trend? But can’t you see yourself having a manicure or painting all your nails in flashy or glittery hues? Why not try it on just one finger, like the thumb?

So, are you ready to take out your bottle and color your nails yourself? To find out more about the latest trends in men’s fashion, read our other articles in the Men’s Beauty section.

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