Nowadays, it is not a surprise to anyone with men’s perm hair. So, if you’ve wanted to have curly hair, then here we are going over everything you need to know about Men’s perm. We’ll cover what it is and how it works, different types of perms available for men, and more.

men's perm

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What is a Perm?

The chemical process of changing the hair’s ordinary texture and create curls if you have straight hair. It modify men curly hair into straight, wavy, or tight curls.

It works by breaking the bonds of your natural curl to allow for new ones to take their place and hold better. Once all of those loose bonds are broken down, you will be left with beautifully cascading waves in the shape of whatever style you choose (pin-up girl curls, beachy waves, etc.).

According to, the strength and length of your hair will determine how long it takes for these changes to occur as well as the outcome that you receive after perming is done on your hair.”

Can a man get a perm?

Yes. You can get it on your head. However, if you’re going into this with the mindset that it’s as easy as getting a haircut, then you may be in for some trouble.

A men’s perm isn’t only about cutting and curling your hair. It also requires breaking down the natural curl of your strands to allow them to hold their new shape better, which is no easy task.

If someone has curly or kinky textured hair, they would need pretty long, strong locks before even attempting to go through with receiving one of these treatments done professionally at a salon by an experienced stylist who specializes in all men’s hairstyles, including curls and waves.

Do Perms Work on All Hair Types?

Not really. Depending on the density and type of hair you have will determine how will turn out in the end. For example, if someone has exceptionally dense or coarse strands, it’s going to be difficult for any stylist trying to give them a men’s perms at their salon to break down those tightly coiled curls into something that can take well with one another.

The same goes for people whose hair doesn’t hold curl very well. There are just too many factors working against each other during this process which makes it nearly impossible to get results without burning through several trial-and-error sessions before finding what works best for your specific head of hair texture-wise.

Are Men’s Perms Safe?

There are some cases where this style on your head is not the best idea. For example, if you have extremely sensitive skin, then it’s possible that getting these treatments continuously isn’t for you. Suppose someone has scalp issues or is dealing with dandruff.

In that case, they might want to opt-out of this treatment since perming does involve applying chemicals directly onto the scalp, which can cause irritation and more discomfort than necessary.

Types of Men’s Perms

There are three basic types of men’s perms: liquid, rod-shaped wave, and tapered shape. All three require specific steps to get them appropriately done, so be sure to schedule an appointment with one who knows how to work their magic before deciding whether or not this type is right for you.

Liquid Perms

This type involves using a liquid solution that only deals with your new growth. This means that as long as these chemicals touch fresh, untouched strands, it will work to keep those curls under control and look great all day without any issues whatsoever.

However, suppose someone has already been getting chemical treatments on their hair or has dyed their locks more than once before going through a perms process.

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In that case, they might run into some problems because this type doesn’t know what to do when faced with pre-existing damage from lightning procedures which can cause too many loose hairs to come down at once instead of just breaking them up slowly over time. That being said, this type is best for men looking to enhance their natural texture by giving them a little extra body and bounce without having to do too much work at all.

Rod-Shaped Wave

This type requires rods that will wrap around your head to change the shape of your natural curl. The heat from these tools starts slow so as not to burn anyone’s scalp, which can happen very easily if you’re working with someone new or inexperienced when it comes down to perms on heads.

Men tend to have thicker hair than women, so finding stylists who know how many rods are needed before starting this process is vital. Because one wrong move could lead to significant problems down the road, such as patchy spots, curly, completely unmanageable hair, or the wrong color being used, which can lead to an unsightly shade.

Tapered Shape

This type involves taking a section of your natural curl and wrapping it around rods to get tighter curls at one end while leaving some loose waves along the top where there are no tools used for this treatment.

Tapered shapes tend to give off softer looks compared to other types because it doesn’t use heat as much, so many who have extremely sensitive scalps might not want any part of this the process is done on their head without talking with someone before proceeding just in case things don’t turn out well when they go into either getting their first tapered shape has done.

Can a Perm Damage My Hair?

Getting too many chemicals put onto your head can lead to some significant problems down the road if you don’t know how much enough is and when it’s time to stop. Suppose someone wants it done on their hair but isn’t sure what type would work best for them.

In that case, they might want to do more research online or talk with one of their friends who has already gone through this process before scheduling an appointment because there are so many things that need to be taken into consideration which includes:

Waiting too long between appointments

Waiting longer than six months after getting a perms treatment done previously will cause even more damage since all those lovely new curls you just got won’t hold up as well once winter comes around because cold weather is tough on the hair.

Using too much heat 

This means that you should always make sure to use a heat protector regardless of what kind of style someone has done before walking out into the cold weather months because even if your new curls look great now, they won’t be worth anything once things start getting chilly and go from humid summers into bone-chilling winters.

Using too little heat can also cause damage depending on how long it takes for the chemical solution to set correctly, which will leave you with some significant problems like frizz, unmanageable locks, or an unnatural wave pattern.

Choosing the wrong products

Some men might not want to wait until another appointment comes around to get their hair styled adequately, which is why investing in products that will work for your new permed hair type are so important.

Whatever kind of permed style someone has done on their head, whether they decide to go with a rod-shaped wave, tapered shape, or anything else, it’s always best to start small before going overboard because the last thing you want is having no control over how much product can be used once things get out of hand.

Getting too many chemicals put onto your head can lead to significant problems down the road if you don’t know how much enough is and when to stop.

Is a perm possible on men’s short hair?

Yes, but you might want to get a trim done before doing your first time because having too much hair on top of the head causes most issues when it comes down to perming short hair. Suppose someone has extremely short locks and wants to try this treatment.

In that case, they need to ensure that their stylist knows precisely how long and wide each section will be for everything from the start until the finish flow smoothly without any snags or significant damage being caused along the way.

How long does a men’s perm last?

Perms for men should last about six months to a year, depending on the person getting it done and how well they take care of their hair afterward.

If someone wants their new curls or waves to stay looking great all day long, then making sure that you always use heat protection once your stylist has finished putting everything together will help keep things in place without worrying too much.

How much does a men’s perm cost?

It can cost anywhere from $50 to about $200 depending upon how much hair someone has and what kind of treatment they want to be put into it. If you’re opting for a more complex or intricate look, then expect stylists to charge even more than the standard rate without any special promotions going on, which is why it’s always best to get in touch with your favorite salon before making an appointment.

Can I do it by myself?

No, this is a service that an experienced stylist should only do because if you don’t know what to do, then the entire process can backfire on you in no time.

How Do I Care for My Perm?

After having your new curls or waves put into place, it’s always best to invest in some hair products that will help keep the style looking great all day long without having any problems along the way. You should never forget that use heat protection spray and a good shampoo and conditioner because if your hair becomes dry or damaged, it can start falling out, which no one wants.

Can perm cause male hair loss?

Some people might experience a little bit of hair loss as their new curls start to grow out, which is why it’s always best to get in touch with your stylist before going into another appointment.

Is perm healthy for men?

Many men who have permed hair will say that they love how much healthier and shinier it looks because this treatment does wonder when done correctly.

Some guys don’t want an everyday wave or curl, so they opt to go straight instead, but whatever type you choose, make sure your stylist knows what needs to be done from the beginning until the end if you’re not having any problems along the way then there should never be anything stopping you from getting more treatments down the road without worrying about anything else.


Nowadays perms hair styles is not just for women. When perming short hair is sure that your stylist knows exactly how long each section will be for everything from the start until finish to flow smoothly without any snags or damage being caused.

That is why having a trim before going into getting this treatment done is always best if someone has extremely short locks. If you’re looking to get one done or want to see how it’s all put together, then make an appointment with your favorite stylist today and find out what they can do for you without any problems along the way.

And don’t forget about using heat protection spray afterward, because most men who have gone through this process swear by its greatness when trying to keep their curls or waves looking radiant throughout the day no matter how hot it might get outside.

If you’re still unsure what to do, look at some pictures of men’s hairstyle online before making an appointment with your stylist

Just remember that if you want healthy hair, then going into getting this type of treatment is something that you should look into as soon as possible because doing so will give someone back their confidence and make them feel good about themselves all over again, which is why perming men’s hair can be a great thing for those who are ready to go through everything from the start until finish flow smoothly without anything terrible happening in between.

That way, everyone stays happy along the way without any significant damage being done.

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