Hotels in New York

Palaces with imposing architecture, boutique hotels, rooftop pools, bars with views of the Hudson River…

New York will blow your mind with its luxurious hotels, its panoramic views and its mythical rooms and suites. Let’s discover the most beautiful hotels and my Top 10 of the best hotels in New York

From Fifth Avenue to Time Square, passing by Soho, New York offers a wide choice of luxury hotels, palaces, spacious rooms, in short, from the simplest to the most breathtaking hotels.

According to some online booking sites, there are more than 1600 hotels in the economic capital of the United States. I will then share with you my good plans and discoveries of the most beautiful hotels in New York.

How to choose a hotel in New York?

To help you prepare for your stay, I have decided to present the most beautiful hotels in New York and the luxury resorts that I have had the chance to discover in order to help you find the accommodation of your dreams for your vacation.

The first thing to do is to define your budget. Personally, I have always made sure to treat myself with one night in a luxury hotel, and the rest of the stay in a cheap hotel in New York.

For a decent hotel in New York, you should expect to pay around $200 per night. Sometimes you can get rooms for 4 adults at this price, which allows you to travel with several people and share the costs.

Where to stay in New York?

Planning a trip to New York City and looking for an unforgettable itinerary? In this article, I give you valuable information on the must-see neighborhoods to spend your nights. No matter what your budget is, travel around New York without moderation and take full advantage of the most chic to the most popular neighborhoods, the trendiest restaurants and the hotels where to sleep during your trip. And for that, follow the guide!

The Bronx

Among the 5 boroughs of New York, the Bronx is known for being the home of hip-hop culture. In this very popular neighborhood, the New York Botanical Garden and the Bronx Zoo are must-see places to visit.

For a budget of $300 per night, the Resident Inn at the Metro Center Atrium is a quiet and modern place. In the West Bronx, the Opera House Hotel is a hotel that takes you back to the 19th century, for a budget of $250 per night. And, for students, you’ll find happiness at the Cabana Hotel Yankee Stadium for less than $200 per night.

When it comes to restaurants, discover a different way of eating pizza at Full Moon Pizza or dive into the heart of the 50s at Lido Harlem where you can enjoy the good New York cuisine of the 80s.


Located between Long Island and Queens, Brooklyn is a colorful neighborhood. The suspension bridge is a must-see architecture. In addition to the Brooklyn Museum, visit the Museum of Contemporary Art where works by Picasso, Monet or Judy Chicago are exhibited.

In this district of New York, the Brooklyn Bridge Hotel welcomes you in a resolutely luxurious decor, for $600 per night. Aloft New York is a mid-range hotel accessible at $350 per night. And for those on a more modest budget, a night at the RL Brooklyn Hotel takes you into a world of wood, for only $130 per night!


Queens is the largest borough in New York City. Home to a very cosmopolitan population, the neighborhood has some great cultural surprises in store for you: the Museum of the Moving Image, the New York Hall of Science and the Louis Armstrong house Museum.

For your stay, book the Crowne Plaza JFK Airport, a very modern hotel, for $230 per night. The Hilton Garden Inn, close to the subway, is accessible at 200 euros per night and the small budgets, the Quinta Inn is a comfortable accommodation solution at $100 per night.

As far as restaurants are concerned, the Park Side is the neighborhood’s must-see brasserie. You can enjoy seafood, burgers and generous Italian cuisine. An address that I strongly advise you to note in your travel diary!

Staten Island

Staten Island is a very touristy place connected to Manhattan by a free ferry. Although this place is the least inhabited in New York City, it is nevertheless home to the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Jacques Marchais Museum and the Art & Science Institute.

Check into the Hampton Inn & Suites for $200 per night. The Hilton Garden welcomes you for only $170 per night and student budgets will enjoy the Staten Island Inn for less than $150 per night.

You want to eat in a mythical place? Then stop by the Victory Sweet Shop or Lacey’s Bridge Tavern for lunch. You’ll enjoy simple, hearty dishes with a more than affordable bill of less than $30 per person when you opt for one of the full menus on the menu.

The island of Manhattan in New York is divided into several districts

Little Italy

Between Soho and Chinatown, Little Italy is a pleasant neighborhood to walk around in: lively streets, colorful stores, cafes and crowded restaurants.

If you want to spend a night in this part of New York, the NobleDEN Hotel offers breakfast and a spa session for $800 per night. While the Solita Soho Hotel is in the mid-range, with a budget of $500 per night, yet still very modern. For a student budget, you can stay at The US Pacific for less than $100 per night.

Since you are in the Italian part of New York City, it is imperative that you eat at an Italian restaurant! The most popular one is at Benito One, 174 Mulberry Street.


Chinatown is located in the south of the island, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

To spend a night there in an upscale hotel, the Walker Hotel Tribeca welcomes you in a very simple decor. For about $700 per night, you are perfectly in the heart of the neighborhood and a few meters from the East Broadway subway.

The Mimosa Hotel is ideal for an average budget of $460 per night. The decor is lavish and the hotel is located 2 km from the beach.

The student wallet will be happy at the Canal Loft Hotel for $200 per night. A simple and efficient place, in a very charming standing.

When you think of Chinatown, you think of Chinese food of course! The Peking Duck House and the Wo Hop are two addresses that you should absolutely note in your travel diary. The cuisine is simply enchanting!

On the activity side, the Chinatown district is full of little treasures such as the Yunhong Chopsticks, a very large souvenir store that hides a prestigious art gallery.

Financial District

The Financial District is the heart of the island of Manhattan and was once home to the twin towers of the World Trade Center. You are in the heart of New York’s business offices, a costumed neighborhood!

Bathe in the luxury of businessmen for one night at the Beekman and for a budget of $500 per night.

The Artezen Hotel is more modest, but still comfortable, for $300 per night, you are in a decoration that is sure to make you want to stock up!

Finally, for the students, take advantage of your passage in the district to sleep at the Holiday Inn Manhattan for a budget of $200 per night. Close to the subway, this hotel is very modern and the rooms are spacious.

As for restaurants, try the best seafood in the city at Luke’s Lobster FiDi, located at 26 William Street. Or, savor the great American cuisine at Malt House. Culinary discovery guaranteed!

While you’re in the neighborhood, take the opportunity to visit the National Museum of the American Indian and pass by the famous Federal Bank of New York, an architectural building that also houses a great history museum.


SoHo, short for South of Houston, is located on the south side of Manhattan Island. If you’re a fan of cobblestone street shopping and hipster art galleries, you’ve come to the right place!

Stay at Modern Haus Soho, 27 Grand Street, in a luxurious hotel close to the subway. The rooms are glass-walled and plunge you directly into a breathtaking view with a budget of $2700 per night.

For an average budget of $1100 per night, the Sixty Soho is a hotel entirely designed in the 1960s décor. You are completely immersed in a universe worthy of the most beautiful Woody Allen movies! Located at 66 Thompson Street, this address is a must.

Finally, with a small budget of $300 per night, spend a night at Four Points, 66 Charlton Street. A very modern and minimalist hotel less than 5 minutes from the Fire Museum. The little extra: every Wednesday night, a free cocktail tasting is offered in the hotel lobby!

On the restaurant side, have lunch at Smith & Wollensky, a generous and delicious traditional steak house, before stopping by the Museum of Ice Cream.

West village

West Village is a quiet, residential neighborhood. It has a bohemian atmosphere and you’re sure to run into a Hollywood celebrity.

The Gansevoort Meatpacking Hotel offers a nice stay for $600 per night. With a rooftop that offers a breathtaking view of the neighborhood.

For an average budget of $300 per night, The Jane Hotel is a must on the island of Manhattan! Velvet armchairs, orange light fixtures and a fabulous bar stocked with the best vintage beverages, all in a cozy atmosphere.

Students will love the Incentra Village Hotel. In a fully furnished studio, and for a budget of less than $200 per night.

The West Village is a great museum in itself. The houses, residences and streets are worthy of a movie set. During your walk in the neighborhood, take time to stop at Palma, a fabulous Italian restaurant. Or Sant Ambroeus West Village, a chic and gastronomic brasserie that offers typical American flavors, in a very relaxed atmosphere where smiles are a must!


Chelsea is one of the most lively neighborhoods in Manhattan. Numerous sidewalk cafes and art galleries color the streets.

Drop your bags at the Equinox Hotel for $900 per night or the Motto by Hilton for $230 per night. For a more modest budget, you can stay at the Cambria Hotel New York. When it comes to dining, have a perfectly casual lunch at Cull & Pistol or Westville Chelsea, restaurants that offer real New York cuisine: organic, vegan, burgers, milkshakes. Everything you need for a great stay in Manhattan!

Downtown Manhattan

Downtown Manhattan is made up of 2 neighborhoods: Lower Manhattan and the Financial District. In this business district, your eyes are mainly attracted by the glass facades of the hundreds of buildings around you. In this whirlwind of height, take a break by visiting the Whitney Museum of American Art or the Lower East Side Tenement.

As for accommodation, The Broome is a very quiet neighborhood hotel at $1050 a night. The 11 Howard is mid-range at $800 per night and the Sheraton Tribeca at $300 per night for the smaller budget.

In this neighborhood, which is bustling with people day and night, there are restaurants on every corner. Among the unmissable: the Manhattan at 28 Liberty Street, 60 th Floor or the Cipriani at 376 W Broadway.

Midtown Manhattan

Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Theater District. All these names resonate with you? It’s in Midtown Manhattan that you’ll have the opportunity to set foot, for real! Don’t forget to visit the famous New York Public Library and the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa).

To stay in Midtown Manhattan, I have selected 3 hotels for all budgets: The Hyatt Place NYC Chelsea, the MOX NYC Times Square and the TBA Times Square.

And what would your visit to Midtown be without a meal at Empellon, 510 Madison Avenue or Gabriel Kreuther at 41 w 42nd Street?

Uptown Manhattan

Located on the edge of Central Park, Uptown Manhattan is a quiet residential neighborhood. The streets are lined with greenery and pleasant public benches. To sleep in Uptown, the Courtyard by Marriott is an upscale hotel at $220 per night. The 255 West Guest House is a mid-range alternative. And students will find a cozy nest at the Park West Hotel for less than $150 a night.

In the neighborhood, you can take long walks through the lanes with 60s charm. Pass by the inevitable Erotism Museum and finish your discovery of Midtown Manhattan at Angelica’s, the temple of fusion cuisine!


Harlem is known as the heart of New York’s jazz scene. In this popular, student-oriented and rather quiet neighborhood, stay in one of the 3 hotels according to your budget. At the Aloft Harlem for $400 per month, the Harlem Cascades for $271 per month or the Central Park North for $174 per month.

Don’t miss the Jazz National Museum, the African American Wax Museum or the Hamilton Grange National Museum. As for restaurants, the Red Booster and the Melba welcome you for a complete immersion in the smoky flavors of New York cuisine.

Gramercy Flatiron

Gramercy Flatiron is a very architectural neighborhood with many small parks. A cool and bucolic place for a romantic stay in New York. Besides, I have selected 3 hotels where you will be able to stay in a soft way, and for all budgets: Freehand NYC for \$400 per night, the Moxy NYC East Village for \$300 per night and The Marcel for \$500 per night.

As for restaurants, Indian Accent and the Bluebell Café are the most popular in the neighborhood! Reserve your table!

What to see in Gramercy Flatiron? Union Square, of course, the mythical Madison Square Park, and the National Museum of Mathematics.

East Village

East Village is the most retro neighborhood in NYC. If you like 1930’s movie decor, you’re in the right place. Everywhere you look, you’ll travel back in time!

Check into the Bowery Hotel for $1,200 a night, the Standard for $700 a night or the Sixty LEN for $400 a night. Complete your stay by going to Cafe Mogador or Smith, New York restaurants with a soft and muffled atmosphere.


Tribeca takes its name from Triangle Below Canal. This Manhattan neighborhood is private, residential and rather luxurious. As a proof, during your walks in this district of NYC, you will discover houses and buildings of very high quality, with architecture at the same time modern and avant-gardist.

To sleep in Tribeca, I suggest 3 hotels: the Greenwich Hotel at $1045 per night, the Roxy NYC Hotel at $450 per night and the Sheraton Tribeca at $215 per night.

On the restaurant side, charming brasseries offer a wide variety of menus, in settings that are a must-see. Among the good addresses: the Pipolino on 281 W Broadway or The Odeon, this time at 145 W Broadway.

And don’t forget to visit the Magazin Museum and the Drawing Center!

Even if the Airbnb offer in New York is tempting, New York offers hotels with designs and architectures that I advise you to try at least one night during a stay.

For example, The Ludlow Hotel which offers bathrooms with bathtubs with a view on New York, sublime! In addition, there is a cocktail bar on the first floor. Depending on your budget, you can also treat yourself to a night in the famous Intercontinental.

Some hotels offer Jacuzzis in the rooms !

I wish you a good discovery and do not hesitate to share the articles you find interesting with your friends and family.

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