I discovered the brand Un Cadeau De La Providence while browsing Instagram and trying to find some handcrafted underwear for men.

Designed in Sweden and made in Portugal, this brand offers hand crafted underwear, made with care by true textile artisans.

brief or boxer

Briefs, boxer trunks and boxer briefs

Personally, I Only wear boxer trunk, even If I published a post about what underwear men should wear. I had the chance to test one from Un Cadeau De La Providence as you can see on the main pic on this post.

I think there is no “exact” answer to this question. You have to wear what you are comfortable with. The only think I can say is this :

If you wear a skinny jean, don’t wear a boxer short because you’ll be comfortable and it could be visible that you have a boxer short due to the skinny jean.

hand crafted underwear

High quality underwear for men

Besides being handmade, these underwear is made with high quality material as you can see from the pictures I used in this post :

  • Made from 95% lyocell and 5% elastane
  • Softer than silk, smoother than cotton
  • Low waist, short legs, snug fit
  • Enhanced pouch for comfort and fit
  • Signature waistband
  • Odeur resistant

For the prices, It’s only $29 per piece and you can save up to 20% if you buy a pack of 3.

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hand crafted underwear

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