Aromatic perfumes for men

The perfumes conceived by the creators are classified by olfactory families. They allow to group the varieties of fragrances by group of fundamental scents. Among the ferns, the woody, the amber or the citrus, the aromatics are a family of perfumes in its own right. What are the characteristics of aromatic fragrances?

How to wear this type of perfume? What are the most trendy perfumes for men of the aromatic olfactory family? We make the point!

Perfumes for men of the “aromatic family”

The aromatic olfactory family is widely used in the design of perfumes for men. Originally, it is at the end of the nineteenth century that the colognes were created based on herbs such as thyme, tarragon, chamomile or anise or rosemary.

It is then frequent to find light notes of citrus, anise and lavender in this citrus. Particularly fresh and invigorating, men’s fragrances from the aromatic family are ideally worn during the summer season.

How to wear the fragrances of the “aromatic family”?

Perfumes for men that belong to the aromatic olfactory family bring discreet scents of freshness, and are singularly natural.

You can wear this type of perfume very lightly on the neck, as well as on pulse points such as the wrists, the fold of the elbow and behind the ears. Finish your routine with a spray veil over a white linen shirt, to be worn with stable colored Bermuda shorts.

And, to perfect your summer outfit, wear the aromatic scent family with a fresh peppermint deodorant to respect the invigorating yet masculine line of this type of your perfume.

What are the most trendy fragrances for men in the aromatic family?

Slightly floral, cleverly lemony and totally aquatic, the perfumes of the aromatic family are of a modernity impossible to circumvent!

At the top of the list, the fragrances that offer a real oceanic whiff are absolutely bewitching. The ideal is to opt for a scent with a heart note composed of jasmine and lightly perfumed with a salty wave. This type of fragrance from the aromatic family is delicately reminiscent of the smell of the iodized beach. And above all, it is an aromatic fragrance that goes perfectly with a refreshing vacation atmosphere.

Another category of perfumes for men in the aromatic family is the one composed of slightly fruity agreements. Ideal for spending beautiful evenings with friends on the beach, this type of perfume for men is indescribably pure! With a citrusy start and notes of tea, the surprising freshness of this aromatic fragrance transports you into a mood that is both light and sophisticated.

The essential points to remember: classified among the great classics of men’s fragrances, the fragrances belonging to the aromatic olfactory family are a must-have in your bathroom for an elegant and fresh summer!

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