Men may also want to erase the wrinkles that undoubtedly appear over time! Cosmetic professionals have understood this and are offering more and more anti-wrinkle products specially adapted for us gentlemen. Among these, let’s take a look at the Biotherm Homme Force Suprême Blue Pro-retinol Serum.

A serum that promises a lot

Biotherm’s Blue pro-retinol serum was designed to take care of the skin of mature men. The product is composed of more than 90% natural ingredients.

You will find, among other things, blue algae, which is widely used to slow down the aging of the skin and the appearance of wrinkles. It restructures the epidermis. Pro-retinol is also present and helps to smooth the face and firm the tissues. This miracle ingredient (found in all anti-wrinkle products on the market) is particularly rich in vitamin A. It acts as an abrasive to make the skin react and produce more collagen. Collagen, I remind you, promotes cell renewal.

Used daily, the serum will boost the skin and allow it to naturally erase wrinkles and fine lines. Biotherm promises an even, firm and smooth skin tone and it should be applied on a perfectly clean skin. But what is it really?

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Blue Pro-Retinol Anti-Aging Serum

A quality product!

Biotherm men’s supreme force blue pro-retinol serum is presented as a massive weapon against wrinkles and sagging skin (but not against dark circles).

We are in front of a pretty glass bottle of a beautiful blue, very masculine (yes, I know, I remain in the clichés). The product is used daily. The pump bottle gives the precise dose of product for application. The serum is spread with both hands on the whole face, from the center to the outside and on the neck from the bottom to the top. The operation is done very quickly. The product does not leave any residue and the skin is fresh without feeling greasy. The serum penetrates quickly into the skin.

It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive. You will not have to ask yourself any questions

Biotherm tells us that after two months of use, wrinkles have decreased by 22%, evenness has improved (12%) and radiance is enhanced (18%). The serum also helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles. It can therefore be used by men of all ages.

The scent remains pleasant, even if for many it is a bit strong. The texture is light. The users praise its effectiveness. The face finds its firmness, the skin is well hydrated. The product offers comfort and the skins do not tug any more. What is already good. As for wrinkles, it is obviously not a magic potion and it will take some time of use to see the small hollows disappear gradually.

Resurfacing, smoothing, moisturizing, the Biotherm Homme serum remains an elixir appreciated by a large majority of its users. I have noticed that the firming effect is observed by all. As for wrinkles, the effect is less generalized, but still very present. If your wrinkles look like deep trenches, no miracle. But if you start using the serum before the damage is too pronounced, the results will be visible.

It is also imperative that you use it every day for it to be effective. I would add that the gesture of application is also important. Do not apply your serum in any way and it will be more effective!

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