Engage in sports betting or gambling responsibly, acknowledging that success isn't guaranteed, and there's a risk of losing some or all invested funds

Moreover, software and hardware developers are constantly innovating and exploring new ways to entertain players.

While online casinos are certainly growing in popularity, there is just something about a brick-and-mortar casino that draws players in. Whether it be the casino building itself, the vibe of kindred spirits trying their luck, or simply the chance to get out, these casinos are exciting places to visit. 

That said, no place on Earth embodies the physical casino quite like Las Vegas. Known internationally as the gambling capital of the US, it offers an astonishing number of gaming opportunities. 

With so many casinos in one space, the number of slot machines is even higher – coming in at around 200,000 throughout the entire Strip. So, to help you know which ones are worth playing most, here are the top five best slot machines in Sin City. 

Best Slot Machines to Play in Las Vegas

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The Criteria

Before we delve into the best slots, let’s explain how we evaluated them. The following criteria are what we judged each slot game against to determine its rank on the list:

  • Slots for real money: With the number of great slots out there that allow you to play for fun or demo the game, the first obvious criterion is that the slots on this list allow you to play for real money. 
  • RTP RateThe RTP (or return-to-player) rate determines what percentage of turnover from a particular machine goes to the house. By default, it also depicts how much goes back to players. 
  • VolatilityThe volatility rating of a slot game determines how often you may be likely to either win or lose. Games with high volatility generally mean that you’ll win less often, but your wins will be bigger. Inversely, lower volatility games offer more wins but with significantly smaller amounts. 

Using the above parameters, we looked for slots that offered decent RTP rates and neither high nor low volatility. From this, we narrowed all the slots down to the top five. 

1. Wheel of Fortune

Based on the famous TV game show, this game is a progressive slot with a reputation for making millionaires out of players. The game has around 24 different variations and can be found in almost any casino in Vegas. 

It also offers a great bonus feature that allows you to “spin the wheel” for great cash prizes. If this bonus isn’t enough, the game also offers multipliers (3x, 4x, and 5x) that occur randomly and work wonders to boost what may be a small win into something bigger. 

The largest recorded jackpot ever paid out by a Wheel of Fortune machine is a whopping $3.8 million. 

2. Mega Moolah

If you’re on the hunt for some fun and a seriously decent payday, Mega Moolah is a slot you must try. Found in many casinos, multiple machines of this game are often linked together so that anybody playing helps contribute to the progressive jackpot. 

Starting at a minimum of $1 million, you’ll have to get the correct scattered icons to trigger the bonus round. Once this occurs, the Mega Moolah Jackpot Wheel will spin and allow you to win some truly amazing prizes. 

The largest recorded jackpot from this game was won in 2015 and was said to be a staggering $18 million. Aside from the main progressive jackpot, the game also offers mini and minor jackpots. As you may expect, these jackpots are influenced by the main progressive jackpot amount. 

3. Diamond Queen

Even though the game is rather old, Diamond Queen is an original IGT game that has maintained fantastic popularity. This slot offers 20 different pay lines and a bonus feature that gives you three free spins if you get the required scattered symbols. 

While most other slots give more than just three free spins as a bonus, Diamond Queen offers something else. It provides you with stacked wilds on three of the five available reels. These, if they align in your favor, can lead to massive payouts – even with just three spins. 

There is no record of the highest payout this game has achieved, but judging by the 2x multiplier that is also offered when receiving free spins, we are sure it was more than substantial. So, be sure to try your luck and play as if you’re a high roller.

4. Megabucks

With a current minimum progressive jackpot of $10 million, this fantastic game was first introduced in 1986. Since then, it has been named the King of Slots in Vegas due to the large number of insane amounts it has paid out over the years. 

The game offers a free spin feature that you can win by getting the correct scattered symbols. However, the thing to look out for is the Megabucks symbol – which gives you a 5x multiplier. Getting these Megabucks symbols across a pay line wins you the staggering progressive jackpot.

The largest-ever jackpot recorded for this slot – or any slot – was won at the Excalibur casino in 2003. The ridiculously high $38.7 million progressive jackpot was won by a 25-year-old software engineer and is still the highest slot machine win in history. 

5. Buffalo Grand

As one of the more visually appealing games on the Strip, Buffalo Grand is a 5-reel slot with high popularity. It offers progressive slots with jackpots that have made millionaires of several players. 

The game offers a free spin bonus that is triggered by receiving specific scatters. The game awards between 15 and 50 free spins with exciting multipliers (2x or 3x) that make even small winnings worthwhile.

The largest recorded jackpot from this slot occurred in 2021 when a Californian visiting Vegas won $1.39 million. 


While Vegas offers a world full of many great games, the above slots are the cream of the slot crop. So, if you plan to visit Sin City, keep an eye out for these excellent games and see if you can become their next big winner. 

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