As a travel enthusiast, discovering an airline that offers exclusive benefits can transform the travel experience. With this in mind, Flying Blue, the Air France and KLM frequent flyer program, introduces an exceptional status: Flying Blue Platinum For Life.

Imagine a status that goes beyond mere ephemeral rewards, a status that becomes an integral part of your traveling lifestyle. This is precisely what Platinum For Life status represents within the Flying Blue program. A title that promises long-term benefits and a privileged relationship with the world of travel, and above all, the world of Air France and its SkyTeam partners.

The importance and benefits of status Platinum For Life

For those of us who see travel as an ongoing adventure, Platinum For Life status is not simply a reward; it’s a privilege that reconfigures the way we fly. This distinction goes beyond conventional benefits to offer a personalized, uncompromising flying experience.

Over the course of this article, we’ll dive into the details of the process of achieving this elite status, but before we do, let’s explore why Flying Blue Platinum For Life is so much more than just a badge of recognition. Hold on tight, because an exceptional travel adventure begins here.

platinum for life

How do you achieve Platinum For Life status?

A. Qualification requirements

Achieving Platinum For Life status is not simply a matter of miles flown, but rather the result of an ongoing commitment to travel and loyalty to Flying Blue. As a passionate traveler, it’s a journey that transcends mere airline transactions.

To achieve this prestigious status, it is necessary to accumulate a substantial number of XPs within the Flying Blue program. These high requirements testify to a serious commitment to the airline and a constant desire to explore the world.

Each year, you need to earn 300 XP to qualify for Platinum status, for 10 consecutive years. Rest assured, you can earn years more quickly with an extra 300 XP per year.

Let me explain:

  • Case 1: You accumulate 350 XP over the year, the 50 XP in excess will be counted towards the following year’s qualification, i.e. you’ll need to accumulate 250 XP the following year to maintain your status.
  • Case 2: You earn 610 XP over the year! You gain 2 years of Platinum status in 1! You can carry over a maximum of 300 XP per year to the following year, giving you 2 years of Platinum status in 12 months!

Please note that you must remain Platinum for 10 consecutive years to qualify for Platinum for Live status under the Flying Blue loyalty program of Air France and KLM.

B. Renewal and maintenance process

Once achieved, Platinum For Life status is not just a one-off reward. It is a permanent privilege that offers uninterrupted benefits. However, understanding the renewal process is essential to maintaining this exclusive status.

Renewal of Platinum For Life status involves meeting specific criteria on a regular basis, i.e. accumulating a minimum of 300 XP per year. By understanding these conditions, travelers can not only maintain their privileged status, but also continue to enjoy the exclusive benefits that make travel an exceptional experience every step of the way.

In the following section, we take a closer look at the exclusive benefits that come with Platinum For Life status, transforming every flight into a memorable experience.

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Exclusive benefits of Platinum For Life status

A. Flight benefits

Access to premium lounges

As a Platinum For Life status holder, access to Air France lounges represents the pinnacle of comfort and elegance. These exclusive areas offer not only a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the airport, but also first-class service, refined beverages and an atmosphere conducive to pre-flight relaxation. You’ll have access regardless of the class of travel on your ticket.

Free upgrades

One of the most coveted features of Platinum For Life status is the opportunity to enjoy complimentary upgrades. Transform your flying experience by opting for business or even first class seats, and enjoy the added luxury throughout your journey. If a seat is available in premium class, chances are you’ll be upgraded automatically and free of charge!

B. Ground benefits

Priority treatment at ticket counters

Platinum For Life status guarantees you VIP treatment from the moment you arrive at the airport. Benefit from dedicated counters, reducing waiting time and maximizing your travel efficiency. Just look for the Sky Priority logo.

Fast check-in and boarding

When every minute counts, Platinum For Life status offers a valuable advantage with fast check-in and boarding. Avoid queues, save time, and get your journey off to a smooth, hassle-free start.

C. Sky Priority journey summary

The Sky Priority route is the very essence of the exclusivity offered by Platinum For Life status, to which Gold and Platinum members also have access. It offers a seamless experience from the moment you arrive at the airport until you disembark. By combining access to premium lounges, complimentary upgrades and priority treatment on the ground, the Sky Priority route redefines the way elite travelers approach their journey.

As we explore these exclusive benefits, it becomes clear that Platinum For Life status transcends mere membership of a loyalty program. It’s an invitation to experience travel with personalized luxury and privileges that endure over time. In the next section, let’s delve into the inner workings of the Flying Blue frequent flyer program to better understand how every mile you fly contributes to these unforgettable experiences.

Flying Blue frequent flyer program

A. Program overview

The Flying Blue loyalty program doesn’t just reward loyalty, it creates a community of passionate travelers. With an alliance between Air France and KLM, the program offers worldwide coverage, enabling members to explore a vast network of destinations while enjoying exclusive benefits.

The heart of the program lies in progression through the different status levels, with the pinnacle being Flying Blue Platinum For Life. Every qualifying flight, every kilometer flown, contributes to elevating your status and unlocking ever more prestigious benefits.

B. Points and miles: how to collect and use them

The currency of the Flying Blue program lies in points and miles, essential elements for unlocking the coveted benefits. Miles can be collected in a variety of ways, from flights with partner airlines to the use of affiliated credit cards.

The judicious use of these points enables members to book free flights, upgrades and even exclusive products with program partners. So every spend and every trip helps shape a richer, more rewarding travel experience.

How can I earn XP faster?

XP Flying Blue – With partner credit cards

In the USA, with the Air France Flying Blue card from Bank Of American, benefit from an annual bonus of 60XP if you spend $15,000 per year with the card, or 20XP if you don’t reach this amount.

XP Flying Blue – With subscription cards

Holders of the France-Europe-North Africa Discount Pass or the French West Indies-Guyana-Reunion Discount Pass can earn Flying Blue XP when they apply for or renew their card. This process earns 20 XP.

By opting for the Combined Discount Pass, whether applying for the first time or renewing, you can earn 40 XP.

What’s more, every flight you take within mainland France earns you 2 additional XP, reinforcing your Flying Blue status. These initiatives aim to reward traveler loyalty by offering additional benefits linked to XP.

Flying Blue XP – Donate Miles to charity

Flying Blue rewards its members with XP for Miles donated to charities that support causes such as :

  • quality education,
  • preservation of marine life,
  • poverty alleviation,
  • and many others.

For every 2,000 Flying Blue Miles donated, members will receive 1 XP as a reward.

Given that we value 1 Flying Blue Mile at around €1.1 cent, this donation of 2,000 Flying Blue Miles to obtain 1 XP would cost around €22. I advise you to use this option only if you need a few XP at the end of your qualification year.

Flying Blue XP – Participation in reforestation projects or purchase of sustainable fuel (SAF)

Flying Blue offers you an innovative initiative that allows you to contribute to reforestation projects or purchase SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) in cash, while giving you the opportunity to earn XP.

To participate in these projects or purchase SAF, simply go to the “My Bookings” or “My Travel” sections of and This option also extends to check-in for commercial and award tickets. By making a concrete gesture for the environment, you are rewarded by accumulating XP, thus contributing to your Flying Blue status. It’s an innovative and ecological way to combine your passion for travel with actions that benefit the planet.

The number of XP will depend on the amount you wish to invest in the project. Air France generally offers 3 levels: 3 amounts to pay, each with a number of XP attached.

Good to know!

PLATINUM FOR 2 YEARS NOT TAKEN INTO ACCOUNT: A Flying Blue member with Platinum status who has also subscribed to an American Express Air France KLM Platinum co-branded payment card has the option of awarding Flying Blue Platinum status to a person of his or her choice – superb, isn’t it?

It is important to note that the years of status obtained by the beneficiary of this “Platinum for 2” advantage will not be taken into account to reach Platinum For Life status.

Bottom line

As we conclude our exploration of Flying Blue Platinum For Life, it’s essential to recall the benefits that make it so much more than a simple distinction. Access to premium lounges, free upgrades, priority treatment and the Sky Priority route are just some of the privileges offered to members of this exclusive status.

Joining the Flying Blue program is more than just joining a frequent flyer program. It’s the opportunity to turn every trip into an exceptional experience, to enjoy exclusive benefits and to be part of a worldwide community of passionate travelers.

When you choose Flying Blue Platinum For Life, you’re not just collecting miles; you’re investing in a travel lifestyle, where luxury and convenience become constant companions. Embark on a never-ending journey, where each destination becomes a new page in your personal adventure.

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