Air France

Travelers searching for airlines while planning a trip to Europe need look no further than Air France.

With 109 different locations worldwide, and 34 offered in European cities alone, access and convenience are not a problem with this airline. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, Air France can accommodate your travel plans and budget.

Air France is a Skyteam member and partnered with Delta Airlines to create a joint venture with KML and Virgin Transatlantic. It offers customers for options et flexibility to travel the world, or to travel for free to Europe if you are a frequent flyer program member.

Bookings are best done through their website,, which provides step-by-step instructions for searching destinations, flight schedules and booking preferences. You can also books on Expedia or compare prices.

After selecting the travel dates and destination, you will be directed to choose from a number of seat preferences.  Per their website, prospective travelers can: “travel with extra leg room, be among the first passengers to exit the aircraft, enjoy the calm environment of a smaller cabin,

or reserve a seat with just one neighbor.” You can see all the options and details for the various seat accommodations on Air France’s website.

Air France also offers various meal options while in flight. Meals are included at no extra charge for all long-haul flights. There is also an “a la carte” menu with sections available for purchase.  Once your ticket has been booked, you may make menu selections within the 90 day window of your travel dates—up to 24 hours before your flight.

If you are flying business class or higher, you will also have access to the network of lounges available in select airports.

If flying Premium Economy or Economy, you will still be welcomed into the lounges, for a small charge.  If you are making a trip with multiple or lengthy layovers, a visit to a lounge is one way to up level your airport experience!

Now that you’re familiarized with the all that this airline offers, follow this step-by-step guide to booking your ticket on the website. On their website, choose “purchase a ticket” to be taken to all search options available for flights.

After simply entering your dates, intended destination and traveling party size, a selection of cabins and fares is next.

Air France has seats in the following categories

Next you will see all available flight times, including alternate travel dates which may offer lowered ticket prices.

You will also see any promotional fares, highlighted in red, which may bring hundreds of dollars in savings. After choosing the flight that best suits your needs, you will be brought to a screen of flight options.

These include baggage (2 checked and 2 carryons permitted free of charge), seat assignment, plus meal options. Air France also shows you options for the next class up—with an opportunity to upgrade as desired—in a comparison chart.

Once you’ve completed all the steps, you simply enter in your personal and payment details, and you’re set! If you’re traveling to a new destination, be sure to check their site for any pertinent travel documents needed, as well any travel restrictions that may be present.

Earn Miles while flying Air France and Skyteam

If you find that you are traveling frequently, Air France offers their version of a loyalty program to earn miles and flight perks, called Flying Blue. There’s also a link for their current best offers and promotions, as well as a guide for the cheapest flights over the next six months to your intended destination.

Happy Flying!

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