Are you a frequent traveler? Chances are, you like taking photos while on these trips to share your experiences with friends and save awesome memories. But in this day and age, anything other than excellent and crisp photos won’t cut it for the people with whom you want to share these photos. 

Whether you have a huge following on Instagram or just like sharing photos with your family and friends, you’d want people to enjoy the scenes with you and have an idea of what you experienced during your trips. Many travelers, however, struggle to meet the standards set by their audience or fellow hodophilias.

If you’re one of those who aren’t good behind and in front of a camera, you can check out some of the best selfie photo poses for boys and men—and practically everyone—and read the tips below for taking great solo travel shots that will give you more likes on social media and make your loved ones feel they’re a part of the action.

But before jumping into the discussion, you might want to watch this guide to the perfect selfie :

With that in mind, here are four tips to help you take the best selfies on your travels:

1. Use the timer

Every smartphone today has a timer that allows you to pose before the device takes the photo automatically after a few seconds. It’s one basic camera feature that many people don’t use. The only thing you might need to worry about is how to position your phone for the best shots. Here are two methods you can try: 

Prop your phone

If you don’t have any specialized kit like a tripod, you might want to try this method. It involves tapping into your creativity and using anything to support your phone—a water bottle, wall, chair, bag, pretty much everything under the sun. However, make sure the base is solid enough to support your phone. After that, all you have to do is position the phone in such a way that you can get great shots.

Many people don’t like this technique because they think they won’t get clear photos. On the contrary, you can enjoy some decent results. Editing your photos after taking your photos will make the pictures perfect. (1)

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Use a tripod

Still not convinced with the previous method? Using a tripod is another great option if you’re looking to utilize your smartphone’s self-timer feature. Browse through your favorite store’s catalog to find a tool that best fits your needs.

Once you’ve bought your tripod, secure the phone as indicated in the user manual, and you’re good to go. The advantage of this method over propping is that the phone is less likely to fall and get damaged. You will also get shots from specific angles without worrying about the support mechanism.

Selfie Tips For The Solo Traveler

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2.Use a selfie stick

Selfie sticks have been around for many years now, and they still remain a useful tool for solo travelers. It has gained both positive and negative reviews over the years, but that’s not to say you shouldn’t give it a try. If it has worked for other photo enthusiasts, why not for you?

So how should you go about it? You’ll first need to purchase a selfie stick that can support your phone’s weight perfectly. While using it, don’t go for straight-on shots. They’re too obvious and won’t give you the best and most unique results.

Instead, you can try holding the stick over your shoulder, and get a photo of you looking out over a cool landscape. Doing so will give your photos an excellent look and will also help draw the viewer in, which is a crucial aspect of photography. Perhaps you want to make your audience feel like they’re standing or sitting next to you. You can position the selfie stick in such a way that your shots come from the side. (2)

Mix things up

Filling your phone with selfie photos of your face is great, but mixing your angles can bring an even more unique experience to whomever you’re sending the photo. For instance, you can take a shot from behind while you look over the horizon. If you have the right equipment like an action camera, you can even mount your device practically anywhere to shoot extraordinary angles only you can think of.

This will keep your Instagram followers engaged and keep your family close by, making them feel like they were with you throughout the trip. There are many ways to make your photos unique and interesting without hiring a professional photographer. 

To get the best results, you’ll also need to learn how to pose for selfies and avoid monotonous shots. Even if you’re going to take your face pictures alone, how you look at the camera and position the rest of your body will determine the quality of the photo you’re going to get. (3) 

Mind the timing

Having all you need for a selfie is one thing, but getting an excellent background for your photos is another. For instance, if you want a selfie at the beach, the afternoon might be the worst time to do so because it might be crowded by then. The lighting might not be so great either, depending on the weather. Going a few hours earlier before sundown will give you the perfect lighting and setting, unless your aim is to have many people in the background.

Still on the timing, it’s important that you plan your shots so you can get the natural views you like. For example, a selfie photo taken in the evening with the sun setting in the background can give the best results regardless of your skills. On the flip side, doing the same when it’s darker means you don’t have as much light. Lesser light means your viewers might not see what you’re trying to shoot. 

Selfie Tips For The Solo Traveler

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If you’re traveling alone or going on a weekend getaway with friends, selfies can be the best way to save your memories. But not many people know how to get the best out of their smartphones and take perfect photos. Fortunately, every smartphone today has a self-timer feature, and it can come in handy during solo trips.

Using a selfie stick or a tripod will help you take selfies in different angles and help stabilize each shot. The background is another factor you must consider, and this depends on your timing. While doing all these, it’s wise to learn and practice different poses to capture unforgettable memories on your device.



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