Some of us hardly ever think about it, others on the contrary indulge in masturbation regularly, even very very regularly. It relaxes, feels good and gives us a welcome boost. But if you are a fervent follower of this solo practice, isn’t there any risk in “practicing too much masturbation”? Let’s find out.

The Risks of Men Masturbating Too Much

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Who has never masturbated at least once a day, guys? Between the desire to discover one’s sexuality, the fantasies one has, the impression of developing one’s performance, the curiosity aroused by male sex toys that were still taboo a few years ago, between vibrating rings, knowing whether or not one can use a cockering device, knowing which brand of masturbator to buy? In short, questions that all boys have asked themselves one day and that have led them to repeat the act quite often.

We hear everything and anything!

If you’ve ever wondered about this, you’ve no doubt done some research on the web. And there, you could read all kinds of answers that left you perplexed (just like me).

Frequent masturbation would be good for reducing the risk of prostate cancer. But it would also be bad for the muscles in the area. So what? Would you risk your life by succumbing to this little pleasure too often, yes or no?

Let’s start with what is known and accepted by medical professionals. Ejaculation is beneficial, indeed, to protect the prostate, whether it’s done during sex with two people or solo.

In the area of negative effects, doctors have not been able to show that masturbation has any effect on the muscles. So, it would seem that there is no concern about masturbating several times a day. It has also not been shown that too much masturbation can lead to impotence. It also has no influence on the size of the penis. And the practice would not cause cardiac arrest without reason! Finally, as for the adage: “masturbating makes you deaf”, you should know that this is totally false.

But it does have effects on our health, but what are they?

So what, do I risk my life or not?

If you limit your search to the first results, you can imagine that masturbating frantically does not really play a role on our health. But you can find other information, which could have an influence on health.

For example, masturbating too much may ultimately play a role in erections. In fact, it has been shown that excessive solo masturbation will contribute to a significant decrease in rigid erections. Asking too much of your sex will tire it out! Having too much fun can also affect the number of erections. In short, overdoing solo sessions can lead to fewer and poorer quality erections.

Too regular masturbation (several times a day) could also play a role in premature ejaculation. Some research has shown that people who masturbate too much are affected by premature ejaculation much more than their more reasonable counterparts. However, this is mainly the case for those who enjoy “very fast strokes”. This would be due to the brain, which, used to this speed of the act, will duplicate the reactions of the body to each sexual act. “You like to do it fast, well, let’s do it fast!”.

Too much masturbation can also have a negative effect on sperm quality. And this is not only found in those who indulge in solo pleasure several times a day. Indeed, it is enough to masturbate once a day (every day anyway) to see the quality of his sperm decrease significantly. It will then contain less spermatozoa. This is even more noticeable in older men, who will experience this phenomenon in a more accentuated way.

As for those who enjoy long (or even very long) sessions, professionals prefer to warn that the risk can be greater. Indeed, like any “long” sexual relationship, the prolonged solo session can have consequences on the corpora cavernosa. These erectile tissues will then thicken abnormally. The result of prolonged masturbation? Lapeyronie’s disease. This can also be seen if you use a constriction ring to pleasure yourself during your solo sex.

But what is this disease? It is, to summarize, a more or less important deformation of the penis. I reassure you, it is not serious, but it can be very embarrassing.

Another possible risk, and this seems obvious after all: having too much fun can cause pain on the sex (which is not necessarily fervent from too much and too frequent rubbing). The penis can then be injured.

Finally, masturbating too much can also cause sexual breakdowns. Here again, the brain will equate pleasure with solo sex, and will no longer take into account sessions with two as a source of pleasure.

A limited risk, but still!

As you have noted, masturbating too much does not cause any health risks in general, but it can have repercussions on sexual health.

However, there is one small thing to note that can be very important. Being a true solo sex addict (several times a day, and every day) can be a symptom of a deeper problem. If you no longer feel any real pleasure, but instead feel like it’s a compulsive need, it may be helpful to consult a sex therapist. It may be a sign of discomfort or depression.

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