Today, I’d like to introduce you to Boy de Chanel and its makeup line for men. Released in 2018, Chanel published this sentence in its press release: “beauty is not a story of gender, it’s a story of style”.

Boy de Chanel makeup for men

Makeup for men: sublimate or simply hide some imperfections?

Chanel has made it simple for its men’s makeup line. Men don’t wear makeup like women do, and with this range we won’t get lost in a multitude of products that could quickly make us lose our heads.

This range that I tested consists of 3 products very easy to use in order to mask the imperfections of the face of the man and especially to make sure that this make-up is invisible.

Moreover, it is very easy to find your way around thanks to this range made up of only 3 products. I always wondered how my mom did in the makeup department with the 1000 lip balms, fluids and other products. I understand why we always spent hours there! No way for me, and I guess for you!

Chanel Boy Moisturizing Lip Balm

This lip balm for men is shine free! I insist on this point because it can disturb some people. Moisturizing, it leaves your lips soft and visibly more beautiful. I usually wear it in the morning before leaving the house, and in the evening before going out to dinner or a party. Yes, a clear balm is also makeup for men!

Waterproof Brow Pen

Available in 4 shades, this pen has a double function: on one side it allows you to discipline your eyebrows, and on the other side to fill in any gaps you might have.

Many men have incomplete beards and sparse eyebrows. So we don’t only have the problem of baldness in men!

Having huge eyebrows, I don’t use it, but I have it because I had to test it to write this review for you.

Chanel Boy Tinted Fluid

Also available in 4 shades, this tinted fluid for men is incredible! A small amount is enough to even out your face in a totally natural way thanks to its ultra fine texture. It’s perfect too to hide dark circles under eyes !

If you are afraid of having a shiny face or giving the impression of being made up, it will not be because this fluid is very discreet and corrects many imperfections. It’s a great way to regain confidence in society if you have skin problems.

Boy de Chanel makeup for men

Makeup for Men: Daring or not?

Well, I don’t know if it’s the word that bothers some men or the action of putting on makeup? I mean, we take the time to shave, to clean our face, to perfume ourselves, why wouldn’t we take the time to “put on makeup”?

The goal is not to have a disgusting face, oily or which lets appear acne and other problems that many men have because of shaving or simply the quality of their skin. You can also moisturize your skin with Chanel’s Bleu 2-in-1 moisturizer.

In summary, a very high quality makeup range for men, simple to use on a daily basis that in addition can be carried during your travels in airplane and in the cabin, because their containers are less than 100 ml. The only weak point if I had to give one is the absence of a concealer, one of the biggest face problems for men.

So, will you dare to wear makeup gentlemen?

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