If traditionally makeup is more of a “girl thing”, for the past few years sales of cosmetics for men have been increasing. Why are men starting to wear makeup again: is it a need or a fashion? Yes, you read that right, “start again”!

We mustn’t forget that men have been wearing makeup everywhere and at all times: from African dyes to prepare warriors, to Egyptian kings, to Louis XIV and his court.

Nowadays, make-up is used again more and more by men who are modernizing and assuming more and more. The other strange point is the hatred of some guys on social networks who insult those who decide to wear makeup… we wonder who has a problem! But that’s not the point.

The metrosexual is born. That’s why Chanel has released its Boy de Chanel makeup line for men.

Makeup for men

Model : Antoine Soubriez

Make-up to hide an imperfection

It’s no secret that movie stars, politicians and celebrities regularly use foundation to hide irregularities on their faces, regardless of their gender, such as dark circles.

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Nowadays, you don’t have to be a star to take care of your skin, many men have decided to put their prejudices in the closet. They arm themselves with foundations or corrective sticks to mask redness, shaving spots, rosacea or other imperfections.

Skin imperfections vary greatly and have various causes. As you know, your skin may first have a slightly too pronounced glow, especially on the nose or forehead. This overly oily skin is linked to an excessive secretion of sebum, whose role is to prevent the epidermis from drying out.

In this case, unsightly blackheads will form, blocking the pores. I can also, like you perhaps, have embarrassing redness on the skin. This is often the case with fragile and sensitive skin. Sometimes, as you have no doubt noticed, these phenomena are ephemeral, so you just have to wait for them to fade away by themselves.

Skin imperfections also affect men

But sometimes redness becomes persistent. If they settle on the cheeks, it may be erythrosis. In fact, erythrosis is a minor form of rosacea, or couperose, which affects the small vessels of the face. The redness spreads over the nose, the middle of the forehead and the chin. At a more developed stage, pimples can even appear. This is called acne rosacea. You may ask me what causes these little blemishes. I would say that they are primarily due to an unbalanced diet.

Very spicy food, alcohol or hot drinks can cause redness. I won’t surprise you either by advising you to avoid foods that are too fatty, too salty or too sweet. Lack of hydration can also play a significant role. Also, if you remember that your hands are teeming with bacteria, you should avoid touching your face too often. That said, some forms of rosacea are pathologies, which can be explained, especially in fair-skinned individuals, by an abnormality in the functioning of blood vessels.

Here is a video of Carl showing us the difference before and after the use of a simple foundation:

Oily skin in men: apply makeup to stop shine

Not taking care of your facial skin sometimes has the unfortunate effect of making your skin shiny. There are a number of tips that can help prevent excessive sebum production. Washing your face regularly, exercising and avoiding eating too much fat and sugar are some of the things you can do. If this is not enough, there are toners and moisturizers that can help you solve your problem.

Men need to take care of their skin

For many men, skin care is all about daily shaving. I know that men, as a whole, are very reluctant to cover up their skin flaws with proper makeup. So I’m leaving the word out, replacing it with more accepted terms.

If I advise you to clean your skin carefully, you will probably agree with me, even if you are a man. This daily cleansing can prevent some redness. There are many non-greasy products that will do the job just fine. Choose a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser in the form of a face wash, for example.

To apply it, I recommend that you simply use absorbent cotton. If you’re not afraid of more in-depth skin care, I’d be happy to tell you about the skin-soothing gels that, as their name suggests, partially erase redness and give your skin a new glow. Some lotions also help tighten pores, giving your skin more density. I wonder if you’ll be even bolder. If you are, you may not shy away from foundation!

Rest assured, it is usually given more innocuous names, they can be called sticks for example. These products, light or darker, are adapted to your skin tone. I recommend them to you, because they are discreet and they sometimes help to limit the intensity of certain rednesses.

Don’t hesitate to exfoliate regularly to eliminate small impurities. As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to conceal your skin imperfections. But, if you want to go further, and eliminate your couperose, I would recommend laser treatment.

Go to a dermatological practice equipped with laser treatment and let it happen. I assure you that, apart from some fleeting redness, your skin will regain its original radiance thanks to this treatment.

Is there a real difference between men’s and women’s makeup?

The two main differences between men’s makeup and women’s makeup are acceptance and subtlety. Indeed, although the trend is changing, the acceptance of makeup for men is not yet total. Men who wear makeup often do so in a more subtle way than women, although this is not always true.

For the rest, the products used are almost the same, the difference is made on the marketing! The packaging and the perfumes allow the actors of the cosmetic world to orientate a product towards a rather masculine or on the contrary rather feminine public. In short, more than a fashion, makeup for men is a tool to feel good about yourself: if you need it, don’t deprive yourself.

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