Your living space can be viewed as an extension of you. Over time, the interior of your surroundings will shape themselves to reveal your individual tastes, desires, and preferences.

Have you ever thought about what your space says about you? Does it represent your unique style and personality? Are you proud to call it your home? Whether you’re creating an interior from scratch or elevating your style from ‘man cave’ to masculine, this article will give you some helpful tips and ideas to create your ultimate bachelor pad.

create the Ultimate Bachelor Pad

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Add Artwork

Adding some artwork to your home is a great way to give your place a touch of originality while adding a sense of color and style. Your choice of artwork can say a lot about your character and personality traits.

Whatever genre or style you are inspired to surround yourself with, consider hanging up some pictures to liven up your walls and say something meaningful about you and your tastes. A signature piece such as a sculpture or statue can be a great talking point that silently communicates your interests for when you have guests over.

Fabrics and Materials

Your fabric choices are a great way for you to express your masculinity. Tweed, denim, and hemp are all fabrics that can be incorporated into your home furnishings to create a rugged and manly feel.

Hard-worn materials that come in deep, rich colors such as brown leather and mahogany wood are strong and comfortable materials that exude a masculine vibe. Materials such as metal and stone can also be lightly interspersed in your décor, giving your place a discernibly masculine feel.

Consider a macho alternative to traditional coffee tables, cabinets, and bookcases by incorporating industrial or military-inspired materials such as distressed metals and alloys.

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A hallmark of masculine design is in its simplicity and durability. Furniture tends to be sturdy and substantial with fewer curves and intricate detailing. Straight, bold lines with sharp edges exude a strong masculine feel compared to ornate or delicate pieces of furniture.

Another common signature of masculine decor is in its leaning towards practicality and comfort with a focus on minimalism. Interiors are uncluttered and reductive in design without too much decoration or ornamentation.

Game Room

The words ‘bachelor pad’ and “game room” are practically synonymous. No bachelor pad can be considered complete without a well-outfitted room to enjoy some downtime and recreation.

Whether you enjoy playing poker or pool, or console gaming on an Xbox One or PS4, create some stylish space for you to relax, hang out with friends, and have some fun. Decorate the room with your gadgets and state-of-the-art technology, such as a home cinema or sound system.

This doesn’t require an entire basement. A spare room, garage, or even part of the living room can easily be transformed into a gaming area. If you are more of a movie buff, a portable projector can successfully transform your game room into a home theatre worth staying in for.

Right Lights

The right lighting can go a long way in your bachelor pad. Whether it’s spotlights, lamps, or even a statement chandelier, your choice of lighting can vary depending on the look and feel you want to go for.

Industrial style lighting fixtures are a great way to add a masculine touch to any bachelor pad. Whether you live in a modern apartment with clean walls, or a loft-style attic with exposed brick, this lighting style will give your place an effortlessly cool yet contemporary edge.

In the bedroom or living room add lighting to create a soft, luxurious feel that gives it the aura of an inviting home.  Ambient lighting can be created with the use of dimmers, wall-mounted fixtures, and lamps, which give you the option to adjust the lighting according to your needs.

Gym Room

Creating some space in your home for you to work out and store some essential equipment, such as free weights, an exercise bike, a rowing machine, or a treadmill is key to making your bachelor pad fit for any man. Given the events of last year, which brought about closures to many gyms and exercise studios across the country,  it also makes sense to have a well-equipped area in your home in which you can work out.

A home gym needn’t take up too much space. Perhaps you have room in the corner of your garage or an extra bedroom that you can use as a home gym? How about the loft or basement? Think creatively and you might just find the study can double up as a workout area as well.

Keep it Clean

With your bachelor pad now fully furnished and fitted out to suit your tastes don’t forget to keep it that way. No matter how well you’ve arranged your space, your bachelor pad won’t quite hit the mark if it’s in a state of disarray and uncleanliness. If your lifestyle or preferences don’t leave you with much time for cleaning, it might be worth hiring some professional help such as the folks at MaidThis to help you keep your bachelor pad in a state of cleanliness at all times.

Now that you have a roadmap you can begin putting these seven tips to work to make your living space the perfect place any man would be proud to call his home.

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