build up your biceps

Now you know how to build your shoulders, you have to know how to build your biceps easily and have superman’s arms! It will be necessary to be patient, conscientious and constant in its training.

To help you work your arms, I have selected 2 videos published by fitness coaches that will explain step by step how to develop the muscles of your arms. Do not forget that beyond training, a daily protein intake is needed to help your body build muscle.

10 Best Biceps Exercises

Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl

The best bang for your biceps’ buck, the stretch you achieve via the inclined bench works the entire head of the biceps muscle, while ensuring proper form at the same time. This movement is also a good one to chose when wrist and elbow fatigue sets in. 

Incline Inner-Biceps Curl

Another effective incline bench movement, you can increase the load on your biceps muscle simply by moving the bench into more horizontal angle, and utilizing a palms-out grip. This burnout exercise will help you add both definition and bulk to your biceps. 

Standing Concentration Dumbbell Curl

Similar to the seated concentration curl, this isolation movements allows focus on one side at a time, and is an effective way to build the biceps peak. You can go lighter on the weight here, and instead concentrate on consistent form and pace.

EZ-Bar Curl 

A great movement to capture both the long and short bicep heads, plus the defined grip spaces of the EZ-Bar keep form on point and overuse injuries at bay. Experiment with pace to increase difficulty and add overall strength to your biceps. 

Wide-grip Standing Barbell Curl

A wide grip engages an external rotation to your shoulder, changing the orientation of your upper arm; this adds up to an effective capture of your short biceps head and you may find that you can use more weight than with a narrower grip, building strength overall.

Zottman Curl

Palms-up on the up, and palms-down on the down is the proper method to maximize this elbow-flexor building movement.

Regular-grip Barbell Curl

The more narrow your grip, the more you work the long head of the biceps; likewise, the more wide the grip, the more you capture the short head. No matter which grip you use, this traditional barbell curl is an old-faithful when it comes to working the entire muscle length. 

Dumbbell Biceps Curl 

Perhaps the most easily utilized of all the biceps exercises out there, this classic movement needs to be part of any well-planned biceps workout routine. Not only is it an efficient way to build biceps strength, it can be done seated or standing to your preference.

Hammer Curl

If you’re prone to using momentum to cheat during your curls, try practicing your hammer curls seated at a bench. Your elbow flexors will remain actively engaged, and you’ll use more of your biceps muscle for each rep. This classic bicep-building movement also reduces wrist stress, and makes it a good exercise to give fatigued wrists a break.

Overhead Cable Curl

You’ll be welcoming people to the Gun Show during this movement! You can either pull the cables in simultaneously, or perform the movement in isolation alternating between arms. A great one to end your biceps routine on, in front of the mirror, in order to see the fruits of your labor!

Work your biceps without weight training equipment

The  coach Mike goes in his video to explain how to strengthen your arms without going to the gym and without weight training equipment.

And yes, no more excuses because you can do it everywhere and regularly to get results and see your arms grow. The icing on the cake, you will see one day your first vein!

How to have big biceps?

Damien Patrick loves to boom with his ultra-motivating tips and programs for beginners looking to make their arms bigger.

Nutrition, bodybuilding exercises, a cocktail to help you evolve, become huge and dry. Let’s take few minutes to learn how to get bigger biceps !

Program to strengthen your biceps and triceps

Based on 2 arm workouts per week, here are 2 easy to do modules:

Training 1

  • Curl bar: 4 sets of 8 repetitions
  • Curl dumbbell on incline bench: 3 sets of 10 reps
  • Dips: 6 sets of 20 repetitions

Training 2

  • Curl dumbbell sitting: 4 sets of 10 repetitions
  • Curl bar Gironda: 3 sets up to failure
  • Triceps high pulley: 4 sets of 6 repetitions
  • Triceps against a support (for example a wall): 3 series until the failure

build up your biceps

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