For a man, it’s not only the chest and the face that count: the back is also part of the body parts that should not be neglected at the risk of ruining the great vacation in the sun.

If I’m not going to give you a lesson on how to sleep on your back or stretch in the morning to start off on the right foot, I’ll give you some advice and best practices on how to take care of your back: have a clean, smooth and perfectly shaped back so you won’t be ashamed of this part of your body. Because as for women, the appearance for us men is just as important.

How to take care of your back when you are a man

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Fighting back pimples

Sweating, sticky clothes, bad diet, stress… It doesn’t take much to cause pimples to appear on the back. In addition to the itching and sometimes the small pains, these buttons are not very pleasant to see in particular if one must take a sun bath on the beach or the camp-site. There are a few little tricks to avoid the appearance of these unpleasant pimples.

The first tip is to shower well, especially after a major physical activity. I can only advise you to take one after your morning jog or after a game of table tennis for example. It’s healthy, it’s invigorating and it prevents microbes and bacteria from attacking the skin, causing rashes.

To avoid allergies and excessive sweating, you should also choose clothes that are airy, relatively light and made of natural fibers that are less hostile to the environment. Rubbing can cause pimples to appear.

Cotton is the most suitable material to avoid intensive sweating and rubbing. Of course, it is important to change clothes regularly, not just T-shirts and shirts. Worn clothing stores germs and can encourage the appearance of pimples.

Finally, I can’t say it enough, a healthy diet with varied and balanced meals will also help avoid skin diseases and rashes. Avoid all trans fatty acids and other processed products.

How to get rid of back hair?

The hair on the back is also a physical feature that we want to avoid, especially when the summer period comes and we want to show off our muscles with pride. Here again, there are different methods to remove back hair with more or less efficiency, even if it is not easy to get to it yourself… Get help.

The first, simplest and least expensive solution is to use a razor and shaving cream. As for the face, this will cut the hair at the skin level and clear the back at least for a few days. But this has some disadvantages: the hair comes back after a few days and it is even more vigorous.

Another solution is to use cold wax to remove hair at the root. It takes longer for the hair to come back because it is pulled out at the root. Unfortunately, this inexpensive method is also painful. In addition, some hairs may break off and not be pulled out completely, causing hair to reappear in certain areas of the back.

There is also hot wax, which is just as painful, but has the main advantage of limiting hair breakage. If you try hot waxing, you will find that your back will be smooth and hair-free for several weeks.

Other, gentler methods of hair removal exist for shaving the back, such as depilatory cream, which is painless and removes hair with a suitable solution. The hair is easily removed with a spatula with a result close to the razor. For an indefinite period of time, you can opt for laser hair removal, which is more expensive, but effective, and will allow you to eliminate your hair for good in a few sessions.

Develop your back muscles

Another tip not to be neglected: build up your back muscles to strengthen the spine and avoid back pain. There are different sports that can strengthen the back and the first one that comes to mind is swimming. Water aerobics is also a great way to strengthen your back in a gentle and fun way.

For the rest, it is good to maintain a good alignment of the back, especially when lying down, and to avoid being too bent over in your chair, which distorts the spine. Doing stretching exercises and strengthening the abdominal muscles also helps to strengthen the back, especially the lower back.

Finally, good advice such as walking regularly, getting up frequently and doing some stretching even while sitting will help strengthen the entire length of the back and thus avoid cramps that can be painful.

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