Orlando is one of the most visited places in the USA by tourists and it’s no wonder because it epitomizes the word “fun”. The number of things that Orlando can offer to every single age bracket is astonishing. Most of the time, we feel overwhelmed when the offers on the table are numerous and that’s why careful planning is necessary.

If you are not staying long in Orlando you might feel as if you can’t do anything but scrape the surface of what the city can offer you. That’s where our list of tips can help you out. So read on to learn how you can feel the full spirit and essence of Orlando.

baldwin park in Orlando

Taking a break at Baldwin Park in Orlando, Florida

1. Accommodation is key

If you are an experienced traveler then you know the importance of pre-booked accommodation. Orlando has a variety of accommodation options but only a couple of wise picks.

If you are visiting Orlando by yourself or with a loved one, budget-conscious 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Orlando that will replicate the comfort of your house are the way to go. By renting an apartment one can feel as if they are a part of the city.

In addition to that, opting not to splurge money on expensive hotels, I suggest that you use that money for amusement and theme parks that will actually provide you with an experience like no other.

2. Means of transport

Let’s face it, Orlando can get busy during the active season. From the SunRail to the LYNX, the public transport of Orlando is amazing. WalletHub compared 100 cities regarding their public transport and Orlando ranked among the best in the state. I advise against dependence on your own automobile due to the possibility of traffic congestion.

Don’t be afraid to ask people around for directions. Orlando residents are very friendly and willing to help tourists out all the time.

3. Let the parks take your breath away

50 years ago, the gates of Disney World were opened to the public and the rest is history. The size of the park which is 27.000 acres, makes it nearly as big as San Francisco. Besides being the biggest park in the world, it’s the most beloved among kids, but that doesn’t stop the adults to relive the precious memories of their childhood.

If you are a movie buff, the Universal studio theme park can be a dream come true for you. The park is operating year-round and it offers action-packed visits. From minions to transformers, this theme park will let you experience the Hollywood fantasy first hand.

4. Careful where you swim

When we think of Florida, we think of sunny days spent at the beach. The case with Central Florida is a bit complicated. You’ll see many bodies of water that have various sets of restrictions, from swimming to visiting, and yes, some of the waters are bound to be the homes of the notorious gators of Orlando. If you are craving a proper beach experience then Cocoa Beach is the right one for you, accessible through Toll Road 528.

5. Don’t miss the Space Center

If you are a big fan of rockets and space, Kennedy Space Center will make you fall in love with it all over again. It’s open all year round and costs only about 50 bucks. If you are out of luck to miss a launch the center offers you a tour of the launch complex and the astronaut Hall of Fame.

6. Restaurant Row’s diversity

When the hunger sets in it’s time to sate it properly. Restaurant Row is essentially a row of restaurants that stretches a mile in length. The types of food it offers are mindboggling. From Mexican to Greek, at various price ranges, your appetite will be curbed and you will be craving to come back before long for more.

As a french guy, I tested and I recommend “Le Coq Au Vin”, located Adresse : 4800 S Orange Ave, Orlando.

To sum up

Orlando can offer everyone an amazing experience regardless of age. Preplanned accommodation will only elevate your experience in Orlando and reduce unwanted situations. Don’t feel sad that you are not going to see the whole of Orlando, the places I mentioned here are a culmination of what Orlando is about. Having said that, I hope that you enjoy your visit and stay in Orlando.

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