skateboard boardup avec reead

A skateboard that folds in half

There are more and more skateboarders in the world since the 2000s. This is probably due to the fact that it is a free way of transportation, fun and makes us do sports!

This is a bit of the goal of the new BoardUp skateboard brand that has decided to allow you to carry your skateboard by folding it in half in just a few seconds, is’s different from a custom skateboard.

skateboard boardup avec reead

The advantages of the skateboard of the future BoardUp

In addition to its folding feature that makes it unique, BoardUp skateboard models have premium features such as:

  • Robustness: Made in part of maple wood from Canada, where I lived for a few years, the panels are very thick and they have an extra layer of fiberglass guaranteeing the durability of the BoardUp skateboard. If you skate every day, you will own it for a long time!
  • Its patented hinge: This hinge and its front kickpad bring a whole new experience of use and transport of the skateboard.
  • Lightweight: Even with the extra hinge, BoardUp still weighs less than 4 kilograms, easy to carry by hand or in carry-on or checked baggage if you’re flying and you can not live without your skateboard❤️

How much does a BoarUp skateboard cost?

The price of the base model is about $ 135 plus the shipping costs. To get more information or order you BoardUp on their websit e!

How to start skating?

To start in skating, I suggest two tips that will allow you to start safely and improve yourself in contact with other skaters!

The choice of the board

It may sound weird, but you have to be careful when choosing your first skateboard! I advise you not to invest in a professional skateboard right now, it is useless because they are made especially to perform difficult tricks. Don’t gamble with things you cannot do !

BoardUp skateboards offer several models adapted for everyone. You have to choose a larger skateboard that is more stable to gain confidence and start making easy runs at the very beginning.

Start by trying to stay on the board and do simple courses, it will allow you to find the most suitable position on the board.

skateboard boardup avec reead

Get better with other skaters

When you’re more comfortable, head to the nearest skatepark and join the others, who are more experienced skaters who will give you good tips for improvement!

We must not forget that skating is above all a sharing sport, where we often meet nice and passionate people! The advice of other skaters helps to progress and build confidence.

At first, you will try to copy the skaters who are better than you, but soon you will find your own style and it will be your turn to help the new kids!

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