There is many reasons to build a custom skateboard, and to help you understand why, here my opinions about this !

Skateboarding has become trendy and popular in recent years, especially among teenage boys, and the urgency of getting a good board is high. You need to understand the differences between two kinds of skateboards, complete and custom boards. In this article, I’m going to focus on custom skateboards guys !

Build a Custom Skateboard

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What Is a Custom Skateboard?

A custom skateboard is a skateboard that is bought in separate parts and finally attached by an individual or the place you purchased the pieces. A custom board differs from a complete skateboard because a complete one comes preassembled from the place you bought it or the manufacturer.

A complete skateboard is best for beginners, and people who are just starting to skateboard are advised to get a complete board. Complete boards are cheaper; the prices vary from $20 to $100. A customized board is for people who are past the beginner stage and are familiar with what works for them and what does not, and so they customize their Polar Skate Co. board to best suit their style.

A custom board will cost around $200 because you are required to buy different parts; a deck only will cost $40-$70, while a branded one and one that is blank will cost $20-$35.

What Are the PROS of a Custom Boards?

Now that we have learned about custom boards, let’s look at their advantages over complete boards: 


You are free to make your board any style you want — it can have as many layers of wood as you want. However, the deck and trucks of the axles on the board need to have the same width. Other than the width, you are at liberty to design your board however you like it, which comes with experience. The more experience you get while skateboarding, the more you will notice things that work for you and those that do not.

Customizing your board to fit your body size is a massive advantage of buying custom boards. 


Custom boards are generally higher priced because of the quality of materials. Do not cheap out; your safety is essential. Custom Polar Skate Co. boards offer safety and sturdiness, which will minimize the risk of someone falling off or the board breaking. When picking out parts, you get to feel and see the details, and you choose the strong ones, which will ensure your safety. 


Comfort stems from knowing you picked the pieces by yourself and with the help of an expert. A complete skateboard arrives with all the details picked out, and you do not have the liberty to try them out first hand, but with a custom board, all those doubts are removed.

A custom board is not only about style or showcasing your creative side when picking out the best designs. You can also use it to increase range and comfort. Feel safer knowing you picked a reliable Polar Skate Co. board, and it will serve you for longer. However, if you are new to skateboarding, you should stick to complete boards and, as you advance, make changes to the board of your dreams. 

Shape preference 

Skateboards come in numerous different shapes. Therefore, it is a bit confusing to understand your preference as a beginner. Once you are familiar with your preference, you can instruct the manufacturer about your comfortability in order to make it as convenient as possible. Some people; love concave design while some love flat designs, yet It certainly depends on your choice.

When something is designed according to your preference, you automatically start to love it and consistently perform better.

You choose your graphics

Graphics are not always important as they have no impact on the potential of your board. However, if there are customized graphics on your board, you can be different from the other people, and you can stay motivated as well too. So getting perfect graphics on your skateboard can really help you roll with the style.

Bottom line

In a nutshell, I have provided details and advantages of the custom skateboards. Now it’s your turn to decide. However, if you are reading this article till now, you may be be convinced to buy a custom skateboard.

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