Amex EveryDay Card or Blue Cash Everyday Card? For me the questions is: Do you travel a lot or not ? And do you want to travel for free ?

It’s an important question because if you earn Reward Points from American Express you can use those points to buy any travel using Amex Travel, or you can transfer your points to Delta (1 for 1), Air France (1 for 1) and to many other airlines.

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As for Cash Back, you only can use it as a statement credit, particularly to pay your monthly phone bill, but you can’t use it to pay for travel. To pay for any travel, instead you would have to pay for it out of pocket first, then apply any available Cash Back Credit to your balance.

Amex Blue Cash Everyday Card

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Which Card Is Going To Be Best?

Amex EveryDay Card or Blue Cash Everyday Card are both very good credit cards without annual fee, but they have for the same spending requirement, 2 different welcome bonus:

  • $200 Cash Back as a statement credit for the Blue Cash Everyday® Card
  • 15 000 Amex Points for the Amex EveryDay® Credit Card (Approximately $150 to use on Amex Travel).

So there is a $50 difference between the 2 cards, but it’s not the only differences I noticed. If you buy a travel of $1000 on Amex Travel you will earn :

  • Amex EveryDay Card : 2X 1 000 = 2 000 Points (Value of $20 on Amex Travel)
  • Blue Cash Everyday Card : 1% of 1 000 = $10 as a statement credit.

Now, do you see why I asked at the beginning of my post “Do you travel a lot or not?” If you travel a lot and use Amex Travel to book your travels, you will earn more Points (X2 than the Blue Cash Everyday Card).

Hope this post helped you, and if ou like cash back, time a few minutes to read my Rakuten review and how I earn 8000 Amex Points in 3 weeks !

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