Crack on a cheat meal, yes! Not just any cheat meal! On the spot or to go, healthy or fatty, where can you go in Paris to eat fast food, while prioritizing food quality? In what surroundings and at what price range? In this article, I bring you the top 5 burger spots in Paris.

best burgers in Paris

Photo : Tanguy Cabot

5. Shiso Burger

Lovers of Asian cuisine have all dreamed at least once of beef with onions entwined in the generous shapes of a burger bun. Well, I’m telling you, we’re not far off! The Shiso Burger restaurant offers fast food inspired by Asian flavors and traditions for a culinary melting pot of the highest quality! One of the restaurant’s stars? The rice-flour Bao bun burger, with its moist, tasty beef slices! The little extra? Its selection of veggie burgers, with tofu steaks or other grilled vegetables.

Where to eat?

21 quai Saint-Michel, Paris 5e

How much?

The burger alone starts at €9.50

4. Echo

If you’re a fan of American diners, this is the place to go! However, the decor is ultra-modern, so don’t expect to be transported back to America in the 50s. Nonetheless, I can assure you that the restaurant is a great success! So much so that you’ll have to eat very early or very late if you don’t like waiting. But no matter how patient you are, you won’t regret it!

Echo’s smash burgers are as tasty as they are original, with the star recipe being the double smash burger! In a few words, the sandwich is topped like a Big Mac (two crispy steaks flattened to the max during cooking), but with the flexibility of a cheeseburger (the burger buns are the same as those from the famous Shake Shack chain). Pickles, sauce and a whole host of other ingredients are added to accentuate the sandwich’s taste and create an explosion of flavors in the mouth!

Where to eat?

95 rue d’Aboukir, Paris 2e

How much?

Good value for money. Expect to pay around a dozen euros for the double smash alone, and as much if not more if you add a side dish and a drink.

3. Bioburger

I’m warning you right now: here, preserving the planet is the sinews of war! With its “AB” label, its constant concern for the environment, its quality, short-distance produce and its friendly atmosphere (made largely from natural ingredients), Bioburger is the place to be. As for the menu, there’s plenty to salivate over!

The menu isn’t very extensive, with no more than a dozen burgers on offer. I assure you, this is good news! Indeed, it’s often said that a small menu is a guarantee of quality in terms of the freshness and nobility of the products. Breaded chicken, smoked brisket, bacon, cheddar cheese, sauces to suit your taste, all the ingredients are there for a gustatory pleasure that lives up to your expectations.

Where to find us

The brand currently has no fewer than 7 restaurants. Here are 2 addresses in the capital:

  • 10, rue de la Victoire, Paris 9e
  • 79 boulevard du Montparnasse, Paris 6e

How much does it cost?

Burger + fries + drink = €12.80

2. Dumbo

This is the pioneer of the smash burger! If you’re a fan, I can only encourage you to go there. The principle is much the same as at Echo in terms of recipe: a patty made with beef, soft, caramelized and crispy on the outside. Note, however, that Dumbo’s sauce and pickles are homemade, which is all the more reason to stop by the outlet! I must warn you, however, that the atmosphere here is very street food. So you won’t be able to sit down and enjoy your burger. This is a takeaway-only operation, or you can have it delivered via the usual delivery platforms. The good news is that the time the staff don’t spend waiting tables, they spend cooking fantastic burgers with love and passion!

Where to find us?

64 rue Jean-Baptiste Pigalle, Paris 9e

How much?

Takeaway or delivery, expect to pay between 9 and 10 euros for a burger on its own.

1. Le Ruisseau, the crème de la crème!

Friends of gastronomy, I open wide the doors of this fabulous Parisian address! With its top-quality burgers and products as rare as they are succulent, this is a place that deserves to be on your list of favorites! Le Ruisseau offers a fish burger to die for, cooked with crispy breaded filet of pollock and a lovely tartar sauce.

The burger buns are bun-style, and believe me, the cooks don’t skimp on quantity! Imagine a good bun with meltingly tasty meat, a dollop of runny cheddar and caramelized onions… We’re salivating in anticipation, and there’s plenty to choose from.

Le Ruisseau Burger

Where to eat?

65, rue du Ruisseau, Paris 18th arrondissement

New location in the 3rd arrondissement, under the name Le Ruisseau Burger Joint: 22 rue Rambuteau, Paris 3e

How much?

Reasonable value for money, given the quality of the products: a €14 menu with fries and drinks, or €11 for the fish burger on its own.

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