When some of my friends are reluctant to buy a nice watch, I tell them there is always a good reason to wear one. Here is a list to help you decide if you want one, in addition of wearing jewelries for men, let’s find a watch for your style !

OMEGA luxury watch men

1 – To distinguish yourself

Fashion touches everyone and I’m far from an exception! My watch is an integral part of my style and my physical identity. It allows me to stand out, to be the one who pays attention to detail, the one that looks at everything. The great thing is, most watches come with fancy accessories like the Rolex or Breitling rubber strap that helps me finish my look.

2 – To care about yourself and your appearance

If I have spent time choosing and buying a beautiful watch that I wear regularly, it means that I take care of myself and the image that I refer, that the others matter to me, as well as the way they see me.

3 – Have fun

Quite simply. We all like spending money on a car, a painting, a good meal, so why not opt for an Omega watch for example.

4 – Express yourself

Among countless watch possibilities, I can choose the one that suits me best. Elegant, distinguished, sporty, imposing, subtle, fine or rather flashy? It’s up to me to define my identity through my watch.

5 – Build self-confidence

Ah yes! Wearing a beautiful watch is not just a display of style, it’s also a way of restoring self-confidence. It is an accessory in which I have invested and which proves that I have taste, ambition, personality.

6 – Love the watch

A beautiful watch is above all a masterpiece of aesthetics and precision. I consider each part as a piece of art: the bracelet, the dial, the case, the mechanism…

7 – To discover the soul of a collector

When you have one, you want another one! Collecting allows me to vary the pleasures and prevents me from getting tired in the long run, not to mention that I can better adapt to my outfit of the day.

8 – Enter a universe of connoisseurs

Watches fascinate and gather. In my interest, I discovered a universe much larger than it seems! Blogs, forums, magazines, associations … It’s a whole community just waiting to meet me and share with me its enthusiasm and knowledge.

9 – The detail that stands out A watch, a simple detail?

Yes, but people know! It may be hidden under my long sleeve shirt, but the simple gesture of looking at the time on my wrist catches the eye and even, sometimes, the compliments.

10 – A personal object that will survive in time

A beautiful watch will last a long time. It is an object that is dear to me, that I wear every day and that reflects a part of my identity. I will be able to transmit it, to my son for example, like a beautiful inheritance with a dial.

You can find so many models on Chronoexpert.com, feel free to take your time and find the nice watch you want.

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