Are you worried that your relationship is about to end? Sometimes you can be blindsided by a breakup, but there are usually warning signs that it’s coming.

If you are seeing any of these 10 signs, your relationship might be on a path to destruction. Here are 10 signs that your partner is about to break things off with you.


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Your partner has excuse after excuse to cancel plans

If your significant other is constantly canceling plans, it could be a way of slowing down your relationship and preparing it for a stop.

It is particularly suspicious if the excuses don’t make sense, are vague, or seem to be made up at the last minute. People who want to spend time together will find a way to do that.

Work has become more important than your relationship

Some people are focused on their careers, and that’s something that their partners just have to learn to live with. And some workplaces experience seasons that are much busier than others. But if you’ve suddenly taken a back seat to your partner’s job for no apparent reason, that is a bad sign.

You are not included in plans with your partner’s friends or family

If your significant other used to bring you along to family parties or get-togethers with friends but doesn’t invite you anymore, it might mean that your relationship is about to end.  People in committed relationships are usually excited to show off their partners to important friends and family.

If the situation has been that way from the beginning, it could be a matter of your partner being embarrassed by his family or friends and not wanting to subject you to that. But if you used to hang out with the group and suddenly don’t anymore, that’s a red flag.

Your partner avoids touching you

Couples in love tend to hold hands in public and cuddle up in private.  If your partner pulls away when you reach out or seems to avoid touching you, it may be a sign that there is emotional space forming between you as well.

Your opinion no longer matters

People in relationships tend to respect each other’s opinions. They will often seek input from their significant other before making decisions or commitments. If your opinion on what your partner does no longer seems to matter, it’s an indication that the relationship is not the priority it once was.

Your partner’s stuff has been disappearing

Most couples keep personal items in each other’s homes, and many couples live together. Whether you live with your partner or not, are you noticing some of the other person’s things disappearing?

If your partner’s toothbrush is no longer on your sink or your significant other’s workout clothes are suddenly not in your bedroom where they’ve been for months, your partner might be slowly moving away. It could be into a single space or into someone else’s place.

You find out your partner is cheating, physically or emotionally

Sometimes people who are not invested in a current relationship will seek out a new one even before the first one has ended. If you have already caught your partner cheating, be prepared for your relationship to end. This is true of partners who cheat emotionally as well. Emotional intimacy with someone else can indicate that your partner is no longer feeling as close to you.

Sex is no longer a priority, another breakup sign

If your partner has suddenly and inexplicably put the brakes on your sex life, its cause for concern. The problem could be a decline in sex drive due to stress, medication, or illness. But it could also mean that your partner is losing interest in sex specifically with you.

There are no conversations about the future

Most couples talk about the future, dreaming out loud about moving in together, getting married, traveling, having children, or buying a home.

If you and your partner used to have these conversations but no longer do, it’s a sign that the relationship is not moving forward, and a breakup is possible. Your partner may not see you playing a significant role in future plans and may be thinking of a future alone or with someone else.

You feel like you’re being ghosted

Some people leave relationships by disappearing a little at a time. They may stop making phone calls and texts during the day or stop answering attempts at communication. If your partner is no longer responding when you try to connect, it might mean that the relationship is also disappearing.


If any of these warning signs pertain to your current relationship, you will want to consider talking to your partner about it to find out what is really going on. Most relationships don’t last forever, but it’s important to be honest when leaving a partnership. Ask your significant other for sincere communication about your future together.

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