Just imagine: a store with an old-fashioned décor of wood and copper, high leather seats and old signs on the wall. A falsely unsympathetic hipster who looks like he’s straight out of an American movie from the 1930s greets you. Suddenly, you are seized by an indefinable smell that reminds you of something! A mixture of soap, shaving cream and oak. Want to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the barbers of yesteryear? Replica At The Barber’s may be for you!

This fragrance is part of the Replica collection created by the Maison Margiela. It reproduces the usual scent of a barber shop. REPLICA At The Barber’s: The scent of the barbers of yesteryear. I invite you into another world, retro and masculine!

Replica At The Barber's review

Retro style, did you say Retro?

The long-forgotten profession of barbering has come back into fashion in recent years. Whose fault is that? The hipster fashion, that of the dandies and the three-day beard (or more). The vintage trend favors this comeback: honor the hair on the chin! Beard, mustache, atypical cut, so many styles favoring the reappearance of the craftsmen of the bulb.

REPLICA At Barber’s is part of this retro line. The refined bottle with its label with the old typography reminds an old apothecary’s vial. The scent is all there: shaving foam stirred with a shaving brush, soap, oak and musk. These nuances, so beloved of barber shops, plunge you into the deliberately retro atmosphere of men’s rituals of yesteryear.

Did you know? The profession of barber has existed since ancient Egypt. This professional was also a surgeon! I can assure you that today’s barber has nothing to do with those of the past. And today’s barbershops are more like hair salons.

A masculine fragrance

A cocktail of woody and aromatic notes makes up REPLICA At The Barber’s. Basil essence is the main top note. Tonka bean and white musk form the base notes. Lavender, geranium and rosemary are among the other nuances of this original fragrance.

I invite you to be surprised by the notes of bitter orange mixed with basil and lavender. This palette of sweetness precedes the spicy flavor of black pepper. Delightful vanilla fragrances gradually emerge, softening the initial scents. Finally, tonka bean, white musk and oak moss make themselves felt. Invitation to travel guaranteed!

At the Barber’s is an eau de toilette evoking a masculine and trendy ritual. Its composition reflects a perfect balance between woody and aromatic notes.

REPLICA At the Barber’s : a fragrance on the skin

The trail of the Martin Margiela fragrance follows you for hours. The tenacious essences permeate your skin. You spend a few hours, enchanted by the circles of the shaving brush massaging the cheek, the caress of the blade on the face and the contact of the warm, wet towel on the skin.

REPLICA At the Barber’s is not just a great scent. It’s a product with a strong identity. When you try it, you’ll feel like you’re a customer in an old-fashioned barber shop. I guarantee it! Take care of yourself while remaining virile, reconnect with your own buried individuality while sharing the conviviality of a simple and poetic atmosphere. Simply magical!

The REPLICA collection by Martin Margiela is definitely anchored in the past. REPLICA At the Barber’s looks like a remake of an American movie from the past while playing with current trends. Wake up the hipster or dandy in you. How about playing at being yourself?

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