For anyone that’s extra mindful of their health (especially women), the term probiotics should ring a bell. By definition, they’re simply a mixture of live bacteria or yeast usually living in parts of the human or animal body, such as the gut or the skin, mouth, and certain reproductive organs.

These friendly flora and fauna play an enormous role in keeping us healthy. But their populations are often threatened by a gigantic host of factors, including diet, health issues, and more. For many, this brings in the need to supplement them with probiotic supplements, usually simply referred to as probiotics.

And as it turns out, probiotics are also beneficial to our furry friends in several ways.

Probiotics for pets

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Probiotics for People: The Incredible Benefits

The wonders of probiotics have dominated conversations in human health potentially for ages. Promoting gut health, immunity, and digestion is just the tip of the iceberg. They can even help improve mental velocities such as memory recall and decision-making abilities.

Moreover, users report that probiotics help minimize unpleasant symptoms relating to various illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), colds or flues, food sensitivities, etc.

How Probiotics Can Benefit Pets

You want your pet to live a long, happy, and healthy life, right? Well, that’s why veterinarians strongly recommend introducing probiotics. Some of their benefits for pets may include:

1. Improving Digestion for Your Pet with ‘Good Bacteria’

No matter the size, shape, or species of your pet, probiotics are a great way to keep its digestive system running smoothly. These friends of the gut create an environment that helps discourage ‘bad’ bacteria from taking hold and disrupting your pet’s GIT process.

As seen at Honest Paws, they help support a balance in gut microbiota, which aids with nutrient absorption and helps with overall digestive functioning. When administered under the vet’s orders, probiotics could even help reduce discomfort from pet bowel diseases like colitis or diarrhea.

2. Help Your Furry Friend Feel Calm and Relaxed with Probiotics

These friendly bacteria and other microbes can help reduce anxiety in pets. Notably, it’s thought that the activity of ‘good’ intestinal microorganisms forges an environment beneficial for calming down nervous behavior.

If we consider receiving positive feedback from owners after supplementing their four-legged companions as evidence, pet-specific probiotics can help reduce the odd snippet of aggression or over-activity.

3. Boosting Your Pet’s Immune System and Overall Health

Your pet can reap the rewards of probiotics not only through improved digestion but also with a stronger immune system. Just like they help you ward off disease agents, probiotics can also aid your canine or feline in avoiding sickness from viruses, bacteria, and parasites if used regularly and appropriately.

Additionally, dietary regulation taken alongside probiotic formulas can help regulate cholesterol levels for pets who struggle with such issues. Lastly, veterinary-approved probiotic supplements taken daily can provide long-term support, benefiting your pet’s overall health.

4. Helping Your Pet Deal with Pain

Is your pet suffering from arthritis, stiffness, or perhaps joint pain? If so, probiotics could be the natural remedy they’ve been waiting for. Probiotic supplements are known to help protect the joints of your furry buddy, while reducing inflammation to keep him more comfortable.

Even if they don’t show symptoms of it, age is always a factor. Dogs or cats over 3 years old tend to be more vulnerable to developing inflammatory conditions like osteoarthritis and hip dysplasia. Using probiotics as part of an ongoing preventive care routine could lessen the chances of your pet getting these conditions.

Indeed, probiotics can be a valuable addition into your regimen for maintaining your pet’s overall health and well-being. Their positive effects on improving digestion, mental functions, pain relief, immunity, and more make them a go-to item for any pet owner looking to keep their furry friends happy.

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