After noise cancelling headphones or simple wireless headphones, here come the wireless headphones with or without the noise cancelling option.

They usually use Bluetooth technology to connect to our phone or computer, but how do we choose wireless headphones? Let’s see how to select this really useful tech gadget !

Check the battery life of wireless headphones

For me, this is one of the first criteria to consider. I fly a lot and like to listen to music or watch movies on my computer. Imagine having to recharge your headphones frequently to enjoy your entertainment? Not good!

How to choose wireless headphones

Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones

Of course, I’m talking about my case and my usage habits. If you are on the phone or want to use wireless headphones only for sports, you may be satisfied with a shorter battery life.

This may affect the price of the wireless headphones. Ask yourself the right question: Do you need to use them often and therefore charge them at least once a day? One of my reviews talks about the Beats Solo Pro Light headphones which I highly recommend!

Open or closed wireless headphones?

The difference between the two types of earphones is the direction of sound output. Closed earphones send sound only to the ears.

High-end earphones let the sound out through small holes, so the sound is better diffused and the sound can only be better. This point is important if you are a music fan and wish to have an irreproachable sound quality.

This technical point will have an impact on the price of your wireless headphones.

Wireless headphone control

Apart from Apple and its Airpods, which can be operated by touching one of the earphones, the other earphones always have an integrated remote control via a wire or via a mobile application, which is more rare.

Here too, ask yourself the right question: Are you more button or touch control? Some even offer voice control, so you don’t have to touch your headphones!

Wireless headphone fit

Here’s a question that comes up a lot: Will the headphones fit in my ears? I’d like to answer that it depends on how you use them!

There’s a difference between wearing wireless headphones at home, while walking, and while playing sports.

To help you understand this, I’m going to show you the 2 pairs of wireless headphones that I own and use for work, flying and sports.

Apple Airpods wireless earphones, earphones for every day

Launched in 2017 by Apple, I admit I was very septic with the Apple Airpods model. Earphones falling out of the ears, I did not find it very pretty.

After several months of use, I completely abandoned my Apple wired headphones :

  • The continuous autonomy following my tests is 2h maximum, in call or music listening.
  • The load is however rather fast (10 to 20 minutes) so no big concern on this point.
  • As for the audio quality, the sound quality is good but not as good as pro headphones.

Note that the pro version of Airpods offers the option of noise reduction

How to choose wireless headphones

Me using my Airpods from Apple

Beats Powerbeats 3 wireless headphones, wireless headphones for sports

These are my other wireless headphones that I use for sports and especially for my cardio sessions.

For running or playing tennis they are perfect! The earphones have ear clips to prevent them from falling out during intense activity.

As for the sound, what can you imagine when you know that the brand Beats was created by the American music producer Dr. Dre? The sound is very good, I feel it by listening to electronic tracks where the bass is very often present.

They are also available on Amazon !

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