Small, tall, overweight, slim, muscular or frail: every body is different. To make the most of it, it’s essential to know your morphology. How can you identify your morphotype so that you feel good in your clothes? And above all, how can you mix and match your wardrobe to highlight your physical assets while concealing your complexes? We explain all the keys to dressing for your morphology and staying at the top of your game.


1. Trapeze morphology

Does your figure look like a funnel in the mirror? Are your shoulders and bust wider than your waist, and your pelvis rather narrow? There’s no doubt about it: you’ve got a trapezoid morphology. Lucky for you: this is the reference morphotype for men’s clothing design. You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the right clothes for you.

The right clothing choices for a trapezoid morphotype

Close-fitting clothing is undoubtedly your best ally for enhancing your athletic figure. Choose slim-fitting pants, a fitted T-shirt, slim-fitting shirts or a thin sweater to subtly support the line of your body. Our advice: avoid tight-fitting styles that lack elegance.

Clothes to avoid for men with a trapezoid morphology

To emphasize your sharp silhouette, don’t wear sloppy, loose-fitting outfits. Avoid shoulder pads: they unnecessarily increase the width of your shoulders and risk unbalancing your silhouette.

2. Triangle morphology

Are you a little corpulent, with a little extra weight around the belly? If so, you’ve definitely got the triangle shape. The triangle morphology (also known as the A morphology) characterizes men with a thick waist and hips that are wider than the rest of the upper body.

Don’t worry: having a triangle shape doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. It’s very common, and many men are genetically born with a waist wider than their shoulders.

To rebalance your silhouette, it’s advisable to play with proportions. Our advice: widen your shoulder line to visually reduce the width of your waist and hips.

The best clothing choices for a triangle morphology

How do you dress for a fuller tummy and still look your best? For the upper body, opt for jackets with structured cuts: they will naturally increase the volume of your shoulders. Want to wear patterns? Vertical stripes elongate the upper body. When it comes to colors, opt for light hues to widen your bust and balance your silhouette.

For the lower body, with an A-shaped morphology, choose straight, slightly flared pants. If you wear a belt, choose a discreet model so as not to draw attention to your waist.

Styles to avoid with an A shape

Avoid clothes that are too close to the body. They draw attention to your waist and make you feel uncomfortable. Say goodbye to turtlenecks and tight-fitting polo shirts and T-shirts. As for bottoms, steer clear of skinnies and pants that sit too close to the waist, which can cut into your tummy and accentuate your love handles.

3. The inverted triangle morphology

Like a swimmer, you’re cut in a V-shape: you’ve got well-developed shoulders, an imposing bustline and a slim, slender waist. While this athletic silhouette is the stuff of dreams for many men, in reality, it remains difficult to dress. In fact, it’s out of step with the standards of men’s fashion manufacturers.

To enhance your V-shaped silhouette, we recommend adding volume to the waist and bust to harmoniously balance the proportions.

Recommended garments for inverted triangles

Don’t hesitate to emphasize your athletic stature by emphasizing the sharp lines of your body: slim-fit shirts (by going up a size), fine cotton polo shirts and fitted (but not tight-fitting) T-shirts will hug your build with simplicity. V-necks will slightly slim your bust. For pants, opt for straight styles and jeans. Patterned pants or shorts will cleverly draw the eye away from your broad chest. To widen your waist, opt for horizontal lines.

Sartorial faux pas for V-shaped women

By all means, ditch jackets with shoulder pads: they’ll accentuate your shoulders too much. Similarly, with a V-shaped body, don’t wear tops that are too flashy, in bright colors or with very pronounced patterns: they’ll create too great a difference between the span of your upper body and the bottom.

4. Oval morphology

With rounded shoulders and a rounded belly, are you a little round all over? There’s no doubt about it: you have an oval (or O-shaped) morphology. What’s the best thing about your shape? Your build! If you find it difficult to dress in ultra-standard men’s fashion, there are several options open to you.

What to wear when you’re O-shaped

What types of clothing should you choose to enhance a man’s oval morphology? For the top, opt for a V-neck: unlike a round collar, which visually smothers the neck, a V-neck breaks the solid appearance. It refines the shoulders while elongating your silhouette. When it comes to shirts, choose straight or fitted models to limit wrinkles (shirts that are too narrow) and bulges (shirts that are too wide).

On the bottom, choose thigh-hugging pants with a straight cut. Neither too baggy nor too tight, they’ll bring balance to your silhouette. You can add a pair of straps for optimum support.

Clothes to avoid with an oval morphology

As you can see, clothes that make you feel too engorged are your worst enemies. Say goodbye to tight-fitting, uncomfortable pants.

The wrong reflex would be to try to conceal your curves with clothes that are too baggy: in this case, you risk thickening your silhouette even more. And, above all, you’ll feel heavier than you are, and uncomfortable.

5. Rectangular morphology

Tall and slim, with a rather long silhouette? Are your shoulders as wide as your hips, and your waist not very pronounced? You have a rectangle (or H-shaped) body type. Our advice for finding a clothing style that’s just right for you: balance your proportions by filling out your shoulders and slimming your hips.

The right clothing reflex for H-shaped women

Fill up on fitted tops! T-shirts, sweaters or shirts: choose well-cut models that emphasize the lines of your bust. Opt for V-necks or boat necks, perfectly adapted to your rectangle morphology. Play with layering to add volume to your silhouette.

Clothing not recommended for rectangle morphology

To avoid the block effect at bust level, avoid double-breasted jackets, which will amplify the rectangular shape of your body. Instead, opt for simple, structured jackets.


These few tips will help you find the look that best suits your morphology and make you feel good about your clothing style.

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