Luckily you can make savings if you look in the right places, and of course, enjoy many activities as part of the price of your ticket for entry. So to help the uninitiated, here’s an overview of where you need to look for inexpensive attractions while exploring The Most Magical Place on Earth!

Free and Deep Discount Activities at Disney World

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Jump on the monorail

Like many other Disney resorts, there’s a network of monorail lines that crisscross Disney World and are ideal for getting around without tiring yourself out in the process.

Better yet, there’s no need to buy a ticket for the park to ride the monorail, so you can get an overview of the various aspects of the resort without having to pay a penny.

You could even turn this into a guy’s night out by leaving the monorail at the various resort stops and heading to the nearest bar or restaurant for a tipple or two.

See wild creatures at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has been around for over two decades, opened to the public on April 22nd, 1998, which was Earth Day, and its popularity is stronger than ever.

If you’re not keen on paying extra to access the full park, you can spot superb wildlife from the Animal Kingdom Lodge, which is open to the public and gives excellent views of all sorts of exotic birds, beasts, and reptiles.

Just remember that this is an outdoor activity, so both the weather and the business of the park will impact your enjoyment. Follow Park Savers’ advice on when to visit Disneyland to avoid disappointment.

Catch a flick by the fireside

A number of resorts within the Disney World complex have beach areas where evening activities are laid on for visitors at no additional cost. This usually involves campfires being lit and movies from the film studio’s extensive canon being screened.

There’s nothing like soaking up a cinematic classic under the stars, as the light of a campfire plays on the sand, so see if such screenings are running when you intend to visit.

Brush up on your animation skills

Many of us have dreamed of getting into movie making, and at the Art of Animation Resort at Disney World, you could take those first steps without having to pay for an expensive course.

This is thanks to the art classes which are available for guests, although of course you’ll be given priority if you’ve booked a stay there.

Registering in advance is essential in either case, because as you’d imagine this is a popular way to spend some time, so you can’t leave it until the last minute to see if there’s space.

Take in the street performances on the Boardwalk

Disney World isn’t just about the rides and the attractions. It’s also a place that employs tons of skilled street performers to keep guests entertained while they wander the Boardwalk.

You won’t need to pay to access this part of the park, and of course, there’s no charge to experience what the singers, musicians, acrobats, and other performers can do alongside the rest of the crowd. It’s like a mini trip to Las Vegas all in one place!

See a fireworks display without paying a dime

There are a few different fireworks shows hosted across Disney World, so choosing just one location isn’t necessary as you can see several different displays depending on how many days you are staying.

The Magic Kingdom is perhaps the main attraction, given that it features the classic Disney castle and combines pyrotechnics with projected images to dazzle guests of all ages.

There’s also the display that takes place at the EPCOT theme park, and there are plenty of different spots from which you’ll be able to get a good view of either one. Once again, proper preparation is vital as the prime positions can get busy.


Stop by resort lobbies for frequent freebies

A number of the free features of Disney World are available on a more sporadic, spontaneous basis when you head to the front desk of any number of the hotels that are dotted around the place.

Sometimes employees will be handing out balloons, other times they’ll be giving away branded goodies, and you may even get free food and drink depending on what promotions are running during your trip.

Wrapping up

The main point to take away is that being well-prepared for a vacation at Disney World is the optimal way to make savings.

You should also keep your wits about you and look for other free activities and offers that are provided ad hoc as you discover the park for yourself.

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