Shockwave Therapy is a new way to help you decrease some pain and can help for muscle tightness or muscle recovery.

What Is Shockwave Therapy?

Shockwaves, used as physiotherapy treatment, can decrease pain, and return mobility from a disorder, condition, or continued injury. The shockwave therapy method uses an acoustic wave beat at a high-energy number, directed to the inflamed or painful area.

Though it has grown, shockwave therapy was first started over 20 years ago as a treatment to destroy kidney stones without causing harm to the skin. Through technology and innovation, the use of shockwaves has been spread to other therapies and treatments, particularly musculoskeletal intervention and sexual-health-related conditions.

A popular type of musculoskeletal injury many have experienced is lower back pain. With the use of shockwave therapy, you can heal musculoskeletal pain as a whole which shows higher healing rates than methods that can only focus on one particular element.

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

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However, not all shockwave therapy is identical. Physicians propose a focused shockwave rather than a radial shockwave. Through data, it has been shown that over radial, focused shockwaves have more precision in targeting problem areas and promoting more meaningful healing.

As an option to invasive surgery or the use of powerful painkillers, shockwave therapy usually promotes the recovery of bones, ligaments, tendons, and other soft masses of a targeted area. Shockwave therapy aims to decrease pain and swelling, improve muscle tone and blood flow while increasing cell generation and movement.

The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy

Aside from the evident and astounding physical goods, we have previously stated, there are other advantages of shockwave therapy to view.

Less risk

Any medicine and surgery hold risks, but shockwave treatment is efficient with minimum risks for the receiver. It is non-invasive and does not affect ordered medications.

Fewer sessions

Unlike some other therapies, many things feel good from the first few treatment sessions due to their power and accuracy. Depending on the hardness of the injury, after your first assessment and evidence of your tissue’s response, doctors will be able to give you absolute definitive proof of how many appointments you may need. 

What Conditions Does Shockwave Therapy Treat?

Shockwave therapy is well known for tendon or ligament diseases, but it is also instrumental in treating muscle tightness, soreness, and injuries. Whether emanating from impact, trauma, or an open-ended condition, many things feel relief following the assembly.

Shockwave therapy can be applied to target areas mainly of (but not limited to) the back, shoulder, joint, hip, and sexual organs. Some situations that the therapy is most sensitive to are Swelling of the Achilles ligament (Achilles tendinopathy) and Care in the arch of the foot/under the foot (Plantar fasciitis).

Where Can I Get Shockwave Therapy?

You must hunt for an expert physiotherapist which will send you to shockwave therapy. At Rockville, they have years of expertise with an in-depth understanding of human anatomy and leading novelties, such as Gainswave shockwave therapy.

The latter has been in use for years and has shown great results when applied for patients with erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, and overall dissatisfaction with sexual performance. They can give you relevant and detailed information from the initial meeting to the diagnosis and treatment. At Rockville, the physicians will also guide you on the best course of shockwave therapy for you and at a reduced cost.

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