Japanese cuisine is simple and refined. In Paris, Japanese restaurants are legion. Take an exceptional break in one of the best all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurants in Paris, and indulge yourself to your heart’s content! Here are the top 5 best Japanese restaurants in Paris!

all you can eat sushi paris

1. Shinko

What a discovery! Located on rue Vignon in the 8th arrondissement, this unlimited sushi concept is just brilliant!

The variety of options allows customers to sample a diversity of flavors and textures, which is particularly appreciated by fans of Japanese cuisine. Sushi, with a selection of fresh fish and quality ingredients, is often highlighted with beautiful presentations!

For a fixed price, you’re entitled to 5 rounds of orders, and with each round, you can order 20 dishes if there are 4 of you, for example. Lunch at €24.90 and dinner at €42.90 per person.

That’s up to 100 dishes for a group of 4! All dishes are beautifully presented on carefully designed plates: sushi, buns, crispy chicken, sashimi, soups, seafood – you’re in for a treat!

Address: 21 Rue Vignon, Paris 8

Shinko Paris


Hoki Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in the popular Les Halles district of Paris. Both friendly and simple, the decor is above all sober. This immediately puts you in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. And if you prefer to take advantage of the dynamics of the street, the winter terrace is set in vegetation that preserves your privacy.

The à la carte menu features traditional sushi, Californian maki, sashimi and yakitori brochettes. The all-you-can-eat buffet is served continuously from 11:30 a.m. to 1 a.m., Monday to Saturday, and from 11:30 a.m. to midnight on Sundays. This all-you-can-eat light cuisine offers unlimited Japanese cultural pleasures. In complete harmony with heaven and earth, the raw fish offered in the buffet is prepared the same day in the restaurant’s own kitchens.

And to round off your all-you-can-eat tasting, try our must-try desserts such as arare, a rice cracker seasoned with sweet soy, or daifuku, a red bean cake with glutinous rice.

Address: 22 Rue Pierre Lescot, Paris 1er

3. Buffet Sentier

At Buffet Sentier, the atmosphere is all bamboo! A trip to Asia is guaranteed in this minimalist decor, with its natural colors. This hushed, calm atmosphere invites you to concentrate on enjoying your all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet.

In the kitchen, the chef prepares traditional Asian dishes and offers a myriad of intensely flavored dishes. The all-you-can-eat buffet menu includes Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese specialties. The speciality of the establishment is dishes of excellence such as tuna marinated in lemongrass or salmon on a yakitori skewer.

What’s more, Buffet Sentier’s all-you-can-eat menu includes all the classics of Asian cuisine: shrimp egg rolls, dim sum, steamed ravioli, as well as sushi, maki and sashimi. To whet your appetite, serve yourself a hot bowl of miso soup. Then enjoy skewers of grilled chicken marinated in sweet soy sauce. Finish your meal with a soy cream cake. And what would a Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet be without a glass of sake?

Address: 69 Rue d’Aboukir, Paris 2

4. Sumo Paris 5

The Sumo Paris 5 Japanese restaurant offers gourmet Asian cuisine. The setting is calm and relaxing. The terrace overlooking the street lets you experience the Parisian city while traveling through the typically Asian dishes served.

Start your visit with a warm, smiling welcome. The all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet features sushi, maki and sashimi, as well as coleslaw, eggplant tempura and kabocha. Shrimps are prepared in spicy sauces and served with Japanese rice. Discover also soba and ramen, traditional soups of pasta, vegetables and red meat flavored with yuzus.

Address 7 Rue du Sommerard, Paris 5

all you can eat sushi paris

5. Sushi House

Sushi House is probably the temple of the all-you-can-eat Japanese buffet in Paris! This is the place to go if you’re looking for a modern, simple and friendly restaurant. The buffet is devoted entirely to Japanese specialties and refined dishes.

Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, Sushi House is right next to the Grand Rex. An ideal place to meet up with friends before a movie or concert. All the more so as the cuisine served by the chef is light, extremely varied and very suitable for vegetarians.

Among the must-try flavors: grilled gyoza, a half-moon-shaped ravioli stuffed with cabbage, ginger and soy-marinated pork. Or donburi, a bowl of rice topped with tempura, katsudon or oyakodon.

Address: 80 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, Paris 10

6. Izu

Located in the heart of Paris’s 13th arrondissement, IZU Japanese Restaurant offers the capital’s most extensive all-you-can-eat buffet. Whether you’re looking to discover new flavors or are a true connoisseur of international cuisine, IZU Japanese Restaurant is an address to remember.

In a typically Japanese setting, you’ll find an atmosphere worthy of the small villages around Tokyo. The simple decor, subdued lighting and cosy atmosphere transport you to another world. At the buffet, try kare raisu, a dish in sauce with chicken curry and onions. Or the traditional tonkatsu, breaded pork with panko breadcrumbs, shredded white cabbage and a wide choice of tsukemono, small vegetables marinated in sweet soy and sweet-and-sour vinegar. Enough to make your taste buds travel!

Address: 7 Rue Véronèse, Paris 13

all you can eat sushi paris

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