Slot machines are nothing new and for a number of years now people have enjoyed spending their money on spinning reels to say if they have been lucky enough to win. The move to bring this online probed a popular one and now there are various places you can play online and enjoy a dabble in online slots.

When playing on slot sites, these are the best tips to get the best experience out of your gaming and ensure your gaming time runs smoothly.

Guide to Play Online Slots

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1. Choose Your Game Wisely

Although it can be tempting to go for the online slot game that has the most whistles and bells, that doesn’t mean that is the best choice. Every single slot game is different – and it’s about more than just the theme the game has and how bright the colours are. Instead, you want to look at which games have the best return-to-player ratio; which means that your chances of being successful are improved.

2. Get in some practice

Although online slot machines are generally easy to play, they can seem quite fast-moving if you haven’t played one before. That isn’t a reason to panic, instead, you can practise using some free versions and demo trials of the game. These don’t usually come with a real cash prize but they are a great way to get an idea of how a game works, how fast everything is and what you need to do to win when you take the plunge to play for real money.

3. Don’t Get Greedy

Although it is easy to get tempted by games with massive jackpots, you have to remember that the website you’re playing on wants to make a profit. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to be scammed out of any money, but it does mean that they want to be fairly sure that their jackpot outgoings are going to be covered by customer spending. This means that those games with a higher jackpot are going to have higher odds of you being a winner. Instead, when you check the odds of winning you should choose those that have the best possible chance of you winning – even if the jackpot doesn’t seem as temptingly high.

4. Gamble Responsibly

Whether you’re playing online slots, bingo, poker or taking part in sports betting, the whole idea is that it is a fun experience. This means that you need to take some responsibility for how much you are spending and ensure that you don’t take things too far. The UK Gambling Commission has a number of rules and regulations in place which mean that platforms should be doing everything they can to encourage this. This means you have the power to set gambling and time limits on your gambling sessions and you’ll probably find you get regular reminders of how long you have been on a site & how much you have spent in that session.

5. Look out for Special Offers

Much like anything else you spend your money on; checking out special offers and discounts before you part with your hard-earned money is wise. If you’re new to an online casino then you’ll often find that there are different welcome bonuses that you can take advantage of which give you extra money on your first deposit. However casinos often have special events and discounts for those that haven’t logged in for a while too, so all worth keeping an eye out for. Of course, they’re only money-saving if you were going to be logging in and spending anyway so don’t let them tempt you to get carried away and spend more than you were intending.

6. Check your Odds

Checking the odds of any games you want to play is a good idea, but you should also know what to look out for. One thing to check is the Return to Player percentage, this shows you how much of a £1 deposit is expected to be returned back to the player – which gives you a good indication of how likely you are to win. Of course, no one can guarantee that any online slot machine is going to be successful so you should always only bet what you are willing to lose.

7. Be Safe When You Gamble

You only have to Google online slots to see that there are hundreds of different sites, apps and platforms for you to choose from. As a consumer, this choice is great because it means that whatever type of online game you are looking to play you can be sure there will be one to suit. However, when you’re playing for real money one thing you want to be sure of is that you’re playing within a safe and secure environment. Always check that the gambling website you want to join is licensed because this means you can be sure that the odds they’re displaying are accurate. Otherwise, if you simply use a random website you can’t be sure that they are actually offering what they say they are.

Bottom line

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember is that playing online slots is supposed to be fun. This means that if you ever reach a stage where the prospect of playing doesn’t seem fun anymore it is time to stop. There are different organisations you can reach out to in order to get support if you feel that your gambling is becoming an issue. However, check the odds and pick the games that you like. Get to grips with what a slot machine is like, set yourself a budget and enjoy the thrill of watching those reels spin knowing that the right combination could mean that your gaming session that day ends as a successful one. Enjoy the adrenaline but also recognise when it is time to step away and do something else instead.

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