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According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, the Las Vegas Strip is home to around 160,000 slot machines. That’s a lot of ways to match three is any casino that you find yourself.

With an average of 41 million visitors hitting the city each year, many try their luck at these machines. They are less intimidating for newbies, and you can play from 5c making it a cheap way to play.

Your Ultimate Vegas Slots Guide

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Top-rated casinos in Vegas

Some of the top casinos in Vegas are destinations in their own right:

  • MGM Grand
  • Aria Resort & Casino
  • The Venetian
  • Bellagio
  • Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Not only do these super and luxury Vegas resorts have amazing casinos, but you’ll also find:

  • Enormous hotel pools to chill in
  • Great bars with fancy cocktails
  • Some of the top theatrical and spectacular shows in the world
  • Superb restaurants with a range of global food
  • Iconic attractions, such as the fountains at the Bellagio

Tourists come to experience a good time in an adult wonderland. Vegas is a party town, where everyone comes to play.

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Why slots are a good option for first timers ?

Many people will have tried them on online meaning they are excited to see the real thing. Rows upon rows of slot machines line every casino, and they all offer plenty to play for.

Because there are so many slots, it’s usually easy to find a space, so you can play immediately. Also, you can play for as short or as long as you like, there is no time commitment.

Slots don’t require any:

  • Skill (like poker)
  • Experience
  • Former knowledge

You simply pull up a chair and insert your money and play. Of course, there are different combinations and ways to win, but you will quickly learn what they are.

What to expect from Las Vegas slots ?

First visitors should know that you don’t just find slot machines in casinos in Vegas. If you pop into a newsagent or gas station, you’ll find a slot machine.

This means that you can play just about anywhere. Of course, these places are lined with slot machines like the big casinos, but it can be a fun photo op.

The first slot machine was the Liberty Bell, invented by Charles Fey. The original one is not found in Vegas, but if you fancy a road trip to Reno, you can see it there.

Now there are many more types of slot machines, and this can confuse you when you step into a casino.

Here’s a quick reference list:

3-reel slots

The original and for some the best, as they are no-nonsense. Spin the reels and create winning paylines.

5-reel slots

If you play slots online, then you’ll be familiar with this format. Usually with 10 paylines and around 243 ways to win!

3D slots

The symbols on these look like they have dimensions so many appreciate playing them. Check out the Cosmopolitan if you like playing these.

Classic Vegas slots

Bells, whistles, neon. Look for the famed Megabucks by IGT, which is not available online.

Progressive slots

You know the one with the big jackpot sign over it where the amount keeps going up? These have actually made some people millionaires.

This may sound like a lot to take in, which is why it’s a good idea to try your hand at free slot games before your flight even touches down in Sin City. This way, you can get to grips with the games and the variations before the pressure is on.

You can also choose to play a slot machine that has a theme. There are so many more than you could ever think of, including:

  • Batman
  • Ghostbusters
  • Dolly Parton (with 9 – 5 playing!)
  • CSI
  • Kiss (the glam-rock band)
  • Iron Man
  • Game of Thrones

There are also animal-themed games, Wild West themed games and even romantic slot machines!

Historic themed slot games are highly popular online, so it’s no surprise that you will find them in Vegas too. Look out for:

  • Queen of the Nile II
  • Cleopatra’s Gold
  • Book of Ra
  • Spartacus, Gladiator of Rome

A really fun place to play is Circus, where you can play while slowly spinning on a carousel!

Hotels with slot machines

Honestly, every hotel has a slot machine, or 300. Where you should stay depends on what your personal taste is.

  • For understated and classy, try the Mirage, where you can also play a Willy Wonka slot machine.
  • To feel like George Clooney or Brad Pitt, stay at the Bellagio, which has 2,300 slots.
  • Stay near nature at Red Rock Casino Resort.
  • Sheer opulence awaits at Encore at Wynn.

Know before you go

Although there are no rules or skills to learn for slots, it’s always worth practicing before you go. You can play free slots to decide which games or themes you like, and learn about progressive jackpots.

You will hear or read about penny slots in Vegas but remember that you need minimum credits to play. That is usually around 50, so you’ll be paying 0.50 per spin.

Also, take into account the RTP (return to player). This can be as low as 88% in Vegas casinos, which means for every $100 you spend, the casino takes $12.

Vegas is a brilliant place for slot game enthusiasts. You could play for days and never get bored.

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