The Statue of Liberty has become the emblem of New York and more generally of the United States. A gift from France, the Statue holding the flame was offered on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. Located on Ellis Island, the Statue served as a lighthouse until 1902.

Why visit the Statue of Liberty?

If you are visiting New York, it is inconceivable not to go to Ellis Island to visit the iconic Statue of Liberty. At 92 meters high and with its 200 tons of steel, the copper lady plunges her proud gaze towards Brooklyn and dives into the Atlantic Ocean.

visit Statue of Liberty

A must-see monument: the dream of a visionary man

Originating in Moselle, France, the Inescapable Monument was born of the revolutionary spirit of Edouard de Laboulaye. He wanted to create a joint project between France and the United States, a project so important that it would be remembered and remembered in history.

Auguste Bartholdi, a talented sculptor, offered to give life to the beautiful Lady. Unable to carry out his project for political reasons, in 1871, he went into exile in the United States, taking his sketches with him. After tortuous negotiations, the construction of Liberty Enlightening the World began in 1876 and was completed 10 years later.

Ellis Island: one island, one story

If the Statue of Liberty is rich in history, Ellis Island is not to be outdone. You can take advantage of the visit of the monument to venture on the island. Between 1892 and 1925, more than 12 million migrants entered the United States after a severe quarantine. In addition to the administrative formalities, many medical examinations were carried out there.

The National Immigration Museum, inaugurated in 1990, retraces a part of the very particular history of Ellis Island. A tribute is paid to the migrants and in particular to Annie Moore, a 15 year old Irish girl who was the first to set foot on Battery Park. You can also read more than 200,000 names of migrants inscribed on a wall of honor as well as various personal objects.

What is the best time to visit this monument?

The Statue of Liberty can be visited all year round. However, certain periods are more favorable to avoid the tourist rush and discover the Copper Lady and her island.

In the spring, prefer the arrival of good weather in April and May to visit the Statue of Liberty illuminating the world, after the last frost. The ferry crossing will be all the more pleasant. In summer, this month of June is recommended before the arrival of tourists. In autumn, the island is empty of visitors. Before the beginning of the cold season, it is an excellent period. Finally, in winter, with the cold, wind and snow, conditions are rather harsh. Nevertheless, you may be able to enjoy a moment alone with the Statue, as visitors are rare.

visit Statue of Liberty

Where to buy your tickets?

To anticipate your visit and avoid hours of waiting in line during the busy summer months, you can buy your tickets at the ticket booths when they open at 8:30 am or book your tickets online.

For in-store purchases, if you are boarding at Battery Park, go to the Castle Clinton National or Railroad Terminal Building. From Liberty State Park, you can pick up your tickets at the Liberty State Park Museum.

To purchase online, you can select your date and time to best prepare for your visit.

Crossing Ticket

This ticket does not allow you to access the top of the statue, but it is well worth the trip to tour the island and visit other monuments such as Fort Wood, a star-shaped fortification that was used to protect New York Harbor. The price is €30 for adults, $24 for seniors and $12 for children. Allow a good two hours to discover the island and its related monuments.

Ticket for the crossing and access to the pedestal

This ticket, in addition to the crossing, allows you to access the Immigration Museum and the pedestal of the statue. Thanks to the elevator or the stairs, you will have a very impressive view from 165 feets above the ground.

The price of the ticket is equivalent to the crossing alone.

Ticket for the crossing and visit to the crown

The visit to the crown is only at fixed times. Upon arrival on the island, go to the information center where you will be given an identification bracelet that validates your right to enter the tour. Places are limited, so it is advisable to go to the meeting point. From the crown, you will enjoy a panoramic view of the New York Bay, the Brooklyn district and Manhattan.

The visit of the crown is very popular, so remember to book your tickets at least 3 months in advance.

What are the visiting hours?

The Statue of Liberty can be visited every day of the year except December 25. In case of bad weather, the access to the island may be closed.

Ferries run daily from 9:30 am to 5:00 pm, with a rotation every 30 to 45 minutes. The visit to the Statue takes about 2 hours, and to visit the whole island and its monuments, half a day is necessary. Don’t miss the last ferry or you will be stuck on the island.

How to access the monument?

Access to the Statue can only be done by ferry. Only the company “Statue Cruises” has the necessary accreditations to dock on the island.

The ferry ride is from Battery Park in southern Manhattan or Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

Each crossing will allow you to discover the New York bay, passing by Liberty Island and Ellis Island to finish the loop by passing the departure pier.

Good to know: from Liberty State Park, the crossing time will be shorter.

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