Restaurants in New York

Because New York is THE cosmopolitan city par excellence, you can find all the cuisines of the world, in every neighborhood and for every budget. From a food truck for a quick meal to a chic restaurant with a view, I invite you to discover a real tour of New York flavors.

Street food made in New York

Food trucks are a real institution in New York (not to be confused with carts) for a good and simple reason: it’s fast, cheap and all kinds of food are available.

Among the favorite addresses of New Yorkers, Phil’s Steaks offers its Philly’s Cheesesteak sandwiches made with meat, grilled onions and cheese. For vegan and gluten-free dishes, opt for Taïm Mobile, a food truck specializing in Israeli dishes. One last one for the road: the Korilla BBQ. A mix between Mexican and Korean cuisine, you’ll have to be patient to taste a dish, because it’s a very popular place for the locals.

I strongly invite you to choose your food truck according to your tastes of course, but especially, by observing the queue in front of it. The more people there are, the better the dishes offered, the locals are not mistaken. If you see a deserted food truck, one advice: run away!

Small restaurants at affordable prices

Many restaurants offer good food at moderate prices. Here again, you will have the opportunity to eat the typical American dishes, but also to travel around the world. Italian, Indian, Oriental, Asian specialties… There is something for everyone!

However, there are some specialties not to be missed. Stop by the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market to taste the best lobster in the city. The mac and cheese is an institution in New York: pasta and cheese, it’s their version of the “gratin de coquillettes” with a twist… Creamy! Finally, I highly recommend a visit to Katz’s Delicatessen which is a real institution since 1888. Here, you will have the privilege to eat the best pastrami sandwich in New York !

The gastronomic ones

After a day of sightseeing in the Big Apple, why not treat yourself to a gourmet meal in a gourmet restaurant?

Because they offer splendid panoramas on the city, I advise you to opt for a restaurant “with a view”. There are several places where you can treat your taste buds and your eyes at the same time, to choose according to your preferences. Go for lunch with a view of Central Park at Robert’s in the Museum of Art and Design at Lincoln Center or at Asiate which offers a breathtaking view of New York’s green lung.

For a romantic dinner, The River Café in Brooklyn offers starred American cuisine in a romantic atmosphere and is known to be one of the most beautiful in the world.

Hours, tips…

Here, meal times are a little earlier than in Europe. Breakfast will be served at 7 am, but lunch is between 11 am and 12:30 pm and is usually light. For dinner, again, it is earlier and starts at 5:00 pm (until 7:00 pm). This is a point not to be neglected in order to enjoy your meals.

The tip or gratuity is a complex subject here and you should not neglect it or you will be considered as rude! For fast food restaurants and food trucks, you are not obliged to leave a tip. On the other hand, in places where the service is done at the table, it is mandatory. In fact, tips represent a large part of the waiters’ salary, so they are mandatory. The amount usually varies between 15 and 20% of the bill, I suggest you leave an amount of 18% which is often the standard and the minimum recommended.

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